Mother's Day Candles

Create special candles or decorate store-bought candles to give Mom a useful and fun gift. She'll remember this Mother's Day every time she sees—and smells—these candles. We've rounded up our best ideas on how to make candles, how to decorate candles, and fun, candle-theme Mother's Day gifts.

How to Make Candles

Homemade candles make the perfect Mother's Day gift, especially when you can make them in Mom's favorite color! You don't need any complicated candle-making supplies to get this fun ombre look. Start with soy wax for candle making, and add in a few pieces of colored crayon as you melt the wax. Pour the mix into small silicon molds, starting with the darkest hue; slowly add in more wax to the mixture to lighten each layer as you pour. When the wax shapes are dry, pop them out of the molds and use a skewer to make small holes in the middle of each one. Thread a candle wick through a stack of differently-colored candle molds, and this DIY Mother's Day gift is ready for Mom! 

Types of Candles

Giving Mom the perfect candle gift starts with choosing the right kind of candle. There are many candle options—soy candles, scented candles, pillar candles, votive candles, taper candles, gel candles—that it can be hard to know where to start. Before you choose a kind of candle for mom, decide what you want to do with it. If you want to make her a candle holder for a table centerpiece, taper candles or pillar candles are the way to go. Pillar candles are also the perfect shape for adding photos directly onto the surface of the candle. Small votive candles are a great choice if you're making a smaller candle holder, and they come in a variety of colors and scents. No matter what kind of candle you get, Mom will love the sentiment behind the gift. 

DIY Candle Project: Concrete Candle Holder

It's fun and easy to create candles for gifts—but if you want to go a different route, try making a DIY candle holder! Mom will love the modern look of this marbled concrete candle holder. It's easy to make, and easy to personalize—choose spray paint in a color mom will love, and use our easy swirling technique to mix the color into a concrete mixture. Add copper holders and a few store-bought candles to finish off this homemade Mother's Day gift. 

DIY Candle Project: Copper Candle Holder

Give Mom a homemade Mother's Day candle holder she'll love. This project looks sophisticated, but it's so easy to make! Use copper adhesive tape to decorate a plain hurricane vase, and add the vase to a base painted in Mom's favorite color. Pair with a small pillar candle that matches the base color for a gift Mom is sure to love. The tall vase protects the candle's flame, which makes this a good gift idea for the mom who likes to spend time outside on the deck or patio. 

DIY Candle Project: Teacup Candles

Beautiful china teacups make up one of our favorite personalized Mother's Day candle projects. Look for pretty teacups at a local thrift or antique store—this is the perfect opportunity to give Mom a personalized gift in her favorite colors or patterns. Carefully wash and dry the cups, then use melted soy wax flakes and a candle wick to create a candle within the tea cups. If you can't find wax flakes in a color you like, melt pieces of crayon into the wax to create a candle that perfectly matches each teacup's design.  

DIY Candle Project: Photo Candles

Photo candles are the perfect candles for Mother's Day gifts—Mom will love a candle gift that showcases snapshots of the kids or her favorite family photos. These candles look fancy, but they come together in just minutes! Print Mom's favorite photos and trim them to fit the candle's surface; photos should be wide enough to wrap around the whole candle, but shorter than the height of the candle. Cover the photo and candle with waxed paper and use a regular hair dryer to apply heat directly onto the waxed paper. The heat of the hair dryer will melt the candle's wax just enough to make the photo stick to the surface, leaving you with a gorgeous set of photo candles in just a few minutes. 

DIY Candle Project: Fresh Floating Candles

For a bright and fresh Mother's Day candle gift, make an arrangement of floating candles. Fill a collection of glass vases with water (stopping about 2 inches from the top of the vase) and add fresh flowers, fruit, or other accents to the vases. Place a votive candle in a matching color directly into the water so it floats on the surface of the vase. We love this idea for a Mother's Day brunch—arrange a collection of brightly colored candle vases around the center of the brunch table for a gorgeous centerpiece!


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