"I Love You" Frame

Give a photo framed in a heartfelt message to someone you love.

What You Need:

Frame a school picture or candid photo for a gift to treasure.
  • Perler Fuse Beads: Clear, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Transparent Turquoise, or any colors you like
  • Perler small square pegboard
  • Iron
  • Piece of ironing paper
  • Stiff cardboard
  • Perler Glow Lacing
  • Photo
  • Tape


1. Download the free pattern. (This requires Adobe Acrobat software.) Work on one section of the frame at a time. Referring to the patterns, place the beads one by one onto the pegboard. Use the bead colors suggested or experiment with your favorite colors.

Frame patterns

Download Adobe Acrobat


2. Ask a grown-up for a helping hand with the ironing steps. Preheat a dry iron to the medium setting. Carry the beaded pegboard to the ironing surface. Cover the bead design with ironing paper. Gently iron the beads in a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Check to see that the beads are fused.

3. When the design is cool, peel off the ironing paper. Place a piece of stiff cardboard over the design and flip everything over. Lift off the pegboard.

4. Cover the unfused side of the bead design with ironing paper. Iron to evenly fuse the beads. Let the design cool. Peel off the ironing paper.

5. Repeat Steps 1-4 for the remaining two sections of the frame.

6. Cut 4 x 5-inch lengths of lacing. Use the lacing to square-knot the side sections to the center section near the top and the bottom. Trim the excess lacing.

7. Use tape to attach the photo to the back of the frame.

Download our free "I Love You" Frame Pattern. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat.)

Download Pattern

Download Adobe Acrobat


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