Show your appreciation for mom by shopping our favorite funny, sweet, and sentimental Mother’s Day cards.

By Brandi Dye
Updated April 15, 2020
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Mother’s Day is the best time to express how much your mom means to you—and there’s no better way to do that than with a sweet Mother’s Day card. Celebrating mom's big day looks a little different this year because of social distancing, but these cards can all be ordered and mailed without a trip to the store. Some cards will make her laugh out loud and some are more sentimental, but all of them will bring a smile to Mom’s face. And if words aren't your strong suit, you can borrow one of these Mother's Day quotes for the inside of your card. These are our favorite funny, heartfelt, and beautiful cards that can be purchased online.

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Super Mom Mother’s Day Card

Wonder Woman has nothing on your mom. Although yours probably doesn’t wear a cape, let her know how super you think she is. Whether it was dropping off forgotten brown bag lunches, bandaging up scraped knees, or having a lifesaving bobby pin at the bottom of her purse, Mother’s Day is a great excuse to thank Mom for all the times she’s saved the day.

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The Perfect Mom

We've snagged many recipe cards from mom's kitchen over the years; express your gratitude for all she does with a sweet card of your own. This one highlights all of mom's best qualities, including strength, love, and laughter.


Teacher, Friend, Therapist

Moms truly do it all. They teach life lessons, are unconditionally supportive, and dole out the best advice. What would we do without them? Be sure to wish a happy Mother’s Day to the woman who wears all of the most important hats.

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Blooming Mother’s Day Card

This card carries a sweet sentiment for any mother in your life. Send your Mother’s Day wishes to your mom, aunts, grandmothers, godmothers, and any other mom who has impacted your life.

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Functional Human Being Card

Biological moms aren’t the only people who mother us and help us find our way. It takes a village to help someone grow, so honor a non-mom in your life with a card that tells her just how essential she is.

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Mom Was Right

As much as we sometimes hate to admit it, mom was right about a lot of things (okay, most things). Make her day by letting her know she was right about it all, and add a handwritten note inside to let her know how much you appreciate her advice and support.

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Their, There, They’re Card

To all the teachers, writers, and amateur grammarians, happy Mother’s Day. If your mom fits into one of those categories (or she just has a thing for words), use this card to thank her for her service to your intelligence.

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Greatest Mom Certificate Card

Your mom is the best, so why not give her a certificate declaring it for the world (or at least her family or coworkers) to see. This pink card, decorated with gold foil, is completely customizable and leaves a little space for a personal Mother’s Day message. She might even frame it. 

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Venn Diagram Mother’s Day Card

What doesn’t your mom do? Show mom how much you love and appreciate the way she takes care of everything with this Mother’s Day card. As an extra-nice Mother’s Day gift, try taking a thing or two off of Mom’s to-do list.

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Glass Ceiling Mother’s Day Card

Moms are often our first teachers, and they never forget the important life lessons. Thank your mom for teaching you the ways of both girl-power and perseverance with this sweet and sentimental card. Add an inspirational Mother's Day quote to the inside of the card and let her know just how much you appreciate her.

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Baking Mother’s Day Card

This is the perfect card for a mom that always had a mess-making sous chef. This funny Mother’s Day card is a testament to Mom’s baking ability and to just how sweet she really is. The card is a digital download, so you can buy and print it directly from home.

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Cheesy Mother's Day Card

Jokes aren't just for dads! Mom will appreciate the puns on this clever cheese-themed card. Mail this card to any mom who loves a good charcuterie board.

Credit: Courtesy of Hallmark

Blooms Around You Card

Whether mom has a literal green thumb or she’s been key in your personal growth, let her know that you’ve noticed. Those homemade meals, long talks, and life lessons have nourished you, so take a minute to thank her with a happy Mother’s Day card.

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What Mother’s Made Them Card

Don’t forget your mother-in-law this Mother’s Day. You get to reap the rewards of her lifetime of hard work, so thank her (with the help of a literary great). The beautiful green and gold print on the card makes the message even sweeter.

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Mom Genes Mother’s Day Card

You got it from your momma! From great genetics to great style, you owe your mom a thank you. Send her a Mother’s Day greeting card that acknowledges your relationship and lets her know how good she looks in a pair of jeans.

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Freaking Great Mom

Whether this card is intended for your own mom, grandmother, wife, or friend, chances are she doesn’t hear it often enough. This floral card is a great reminder to the mother in your life that she’s doing a great job!

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Mint Mother’s Day Card

This Mother’s Day card features a classic sentiment expressed in a pretty way. Although the message is simple, a paper Mother’s Day card will mean so much more than a simple text message. After all, cards can be cherished for years to come while texts get deleted to make more room for all the cat gifs you send mom on a daily basis.

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Never-Ending Voicemails Card

Mom’s voicemails might not be brief, but they do let you know that she cares. Download and print this printable Mother's Day card that wishes her a day full of love and happiness and thank her for all of her love. 

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Love You Loads Card

You have so much love for your mom and all she does for you—including your laundry. To be fair, no one separates your lights and darks quite like Mom. Use the inside of the card to include a heartfelt note of thanks for all the loads she’s done for you over the years.

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Hey Mom! Card

Sometimes you really, really need your mom’s attention. Sometimes you need to ask her a super important question, sometimes you just need a listening ear, and sometimes you need to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

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Floral Mother’s Day Card

Flowers are lovely (and you should definitely get your mom a bouquet) but they don’t last longer than a week or two. Perfect for a mom who has saved every single Mother’s Day card she’s ever been given, this printed bouquet will last forever. She may cherish your crayon-scribbled first Mother’s Day card, but this gorgeous card is one to display.

You Were Right Card

She was right about that haircut. And about that job. And about that date. This year, give Mom the Mother’s Day gift she already knows she deserves: an admission that she was right about everything.

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Loved Beyond Measure Card

You love Mom *this* much. Think of this card as the grown-up version of your arms stretched as wide as possible. No unit of measurement can ever express how much you love and appreciate your mom, but a lovely Mother’s Day card saying is definitely an expression of that love.

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Undefeated Mom Card

And the award goes to…Mom! Mother’s day is the perfect time to present your mom with a card awarding her for her service to the mothering industry. From the homemade meals to the comforting words, she's never backed down from a challenge.

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Grape Job Card

If your mom is one for puns, this is the perfect card that will make her laugh and give her a pat on the back for all the hard work she put into ‘raisin’ you. Gift this card along with a set of printable Mother's Day coupons.

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Favorite Child Mother’s Day Card

We don’t know what makes this card funnier—receiving this card from an only child, or receiving it from more than one kid. Either way, give Mom a Mother’s Day chuckle with a heart-patterned card.

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Forever Be Mistaken Card

Hot momma! Send your mom the Mother’s Day wish she really wants to come true: A lifetime of youth and beauty. Good genes are truly the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving.


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