Easy Mother's Day Cards

Show Mom how much you love her this Mother's Day with one of our easy homemade cards. Each Mother's Day card is a cinch to make and oh-so-cute, too! With patterned scrapbooking paper, a few embellishments, and a little creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind Mother's Day card just for Mom.

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    Floral Mother's Day Card

    Send Mom a pretty and heartfelt card this Mother's Day, with the help of our free printable cards. It's as easy as printing and trimming, so you can focus your efforts on finding her the perfect gift! Conveniently, this pretty pink card fits just right inside a standard greeting card envelope.

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    Butterfly Mother's Day Card

    Patterned paper and a fluttering butterfly make a simple and sweet homemade Mother's Day card. To create the butterfly, cut wing shapes from patterned paper. Wrap ribbon around the center of the wings for the body, punch a hole close to the center top of the wings, and attach the butterfly to the card using a brad.

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    Pretty Embellished Card

    Love the look of pretty store-bought cards but want to give your mom a handmade creation? Download one of our free printable card designs and add your own personal touch! We printed this blue and white card front and attached it to a blank greeting card with a color-coordinating backing. These designs are made to look great by themselves, or you can add pretty DIY embellishments like the jewels in the center of this card's flowers. 

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    Fill-In Printable Cards

    This printable Mother's Day card turns into a treasured keepsake Mom will appreciate for years to come. This is a great DIY Mother's Day activity for the kids. Have an adult print and cut out the cards, then let the kids fill in their favorite things about mom. 

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    Printable Watercolor Card

    This gorgeous watercolor card design is another easy semi-DIY Mother's Day card. Download this print (or choose from our other pretty watercolor designs) and trim it to size; use a glue stick or double-sided tape to attach the printed quote to the front of a blank card. If you don't have a blank card handy, simply fold and cut a piece of color-coordinating cardstock. 

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    Fill-In Favorite Things Card

    Mom will love receiving this fill-in printable Mother's Day card! Print out a few of these to use in the coming years; she will love to look back and see what the kids wrote each year!  

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    Printable Mother's Day Cards

    Skip the store-bought card this year and give Mom one of our free printable Mother's Day cards. Just print, fold, and cut! Add a sweet or sentimental message to the inside for a card every mom will cherish. 

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    Pink Flowers Mother's Day Card

    This Mother's Day card is as pretty as it is sweet! To make your own card-and-flower display, simply layer a white piece of cardstock inside pink patterned paper and fold in half, then add a personal message for your mom. Make a hole at the top of each half of the card; string a pink ribbon through, and add a tag. Place a mini vase with pink flowers in the card and tie a ribbon around as shown.

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    Mother's Day Paper Flowers

    Instead of a store-bought bouquet, give your mom a set of homemade paper flowers as part of a card or a gift tag. These bright paper blooms are easier to make than you might think, and when the holiday is over, Mom can turn the flowers into an art display!

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    "I Love You Because" Card

    This printable Mother's Day card is the perfect DIY card for younger children; all you have to do is print out the card and set the kids loose with markers, crayons, or pencils. Mom will treasure the sweet sentiment of this adorable printable. 

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    Heart Flowers Card

    Dress up a printable card with your own embellishments for a semi-homemade Mother's Day card. Download this free printable design and glue it to the cover of a blank greeting card. You can give the card as-is or add decorations; we glued heart-shape gems to the flowerpots to create a sparkling garden.

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    Best Mom Ever Card

    Use this free printable Mother's Day card to tell Mom how you feel. Print the card at normal size to create a card, or use your printer settings to scale down the image to create a sweet gift tag. 

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    Simply Adorable Mother's Day Cards

    Mom will appreciate a handmade, one-of-a kind card on her special day. Let our ideas for handmade Mother's Day cards inspire you to create a sweet and thoughtful card for Mom in minutes.
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