Festive Recipe Ideas for Kwanzaa

Celebrate this holiday with these bold and colorful recipes perfect for a crowd.

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    Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

    This jazzy gumbo is great for a celebration. A deep, coppery-brown roux and slices of okra are the secret to the dish's rich flavors.

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    Black-Eyed Peas

    Fresh pork hocks make this black-eyed pea recipe hearty enough for your main course -- simply serve it over rice. Crushed red pepper adds a dash of heat.

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    Shrimp Creole

    Served over fluffy white rice, this tomato-based shrimp stew is rich and flavorful. You can adjust the amount of cayenne pepper to make this recipe mild or flaming hot.

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    Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    You can use sweet potatoes, yams, or white potatoes for this versatile side dish that's sure to please any holiday crowd.

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    Icebox Biscuits

    To save time, bake these fluffy biscuits in the morning and reheat them just before dinner. For extra fluffiness, make them with homemade baking power. (Sift 1/4 cup cream of tartar with 2 tablespoons baking soda 3 times. Store 6 to 8 weeks in a tightly sealed jar at room temperature, away from sunlight.)

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    Creamy Collard Greens

    Simmered in butter, onions, and garlic, these greens are a delicious, holiday-worthy side.

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    Crusty Corn Bread

    This recipe mixes regular cornmeal and stone-ground cornmeal, creating a corn bread that's uniquely tender and firm at the same time.

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    Mini Sweet Potato Pies

    Maple syrup-laced filling and fluffy meringue topping add a fresh spin to this classic pie.

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    Festive Recipes for Kwanzaa Celebrations

    Celebrate this holiday with these bold and colorful recipes, perfect for a crowd.
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