Kwanzaa Fruit Broom

During Kwanzaa, fruits are often placed in a basket on the table to symbolize a prosperous harvest. Spread the bounty throughout your home with this quick project.

What You Need:

You might place this decoration alongside a bowl of real fruits.
  • 24-inch decorative broom (available at crafts or discount stores)
  • Assorted artificial fruit, such as grapes, cherries, and half apples and pears
  • 3 yards of decorative ribbon
  • Hotmelt adhesive and glue gun
  • Crafts wire and wire cutters


1. Attach fruit. Arrange the artificial fruit pieces on the front of the broom. Glue the fruit in place.

2. Add ribbon. Wrap the decorative ribbon around the broom handle, beginning at the base and working your way up to completely cover the handle. Secure the ribbon to the handle in several places with hotmelt adhesive.

3. Make bow. Make a large ribbon bow, and wire it to the broom above the fruit. Form a loop to hang the broom with the excess wire on the back.


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