Beaded Bracelet or Napkin Ring

This is an easy craft for kids. Just set them up with buckets of beads, and soon you and your table will be well dressed.

This pattern makes 3 bracelets or napkin rings. To make 8 napkin rings (or bracelets), buy 2 additional packages of red beads and 2 additional packages of green beads.

What You Need:

Alternate tassel and napkin colors for a striking effect.
  • 3 packages 6x9mm translucent pony beads -- 1 package each of red, green, and black
  • Round elastic cord for beading
  • 1-1/4-inch black, red or green tassel (1 for each bracelet)
  • Scissors


1. Cut a length of elastic cord to about 10 inches (for each bracelet or napkin ring).

2. Knot 1 end of the cord so that the first bead applied will stay when threaded.

3. Add beads. String on 3 green beads, 1 black, then 3 red. Repeat the pattern until the beads fit around your wrist. Continue with pattern to cover elastic, leaving 1 inch to tie the ring together.

4. Knot the ends together.

5. Tie on the tassel at the knotted end.

6. Add finishing touches. Cut the elastic cord close and string the end into the beads out of sight.


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