Create these meaningful Kwanzaa crafts to celebrate African heritage and affirm the holiday's seven important principles of family and community life. A kinara is an important part of Kwanzaa and we've gathered many craft ideas inspired by the candleholder. Try our hanging kinara made from felt, our homemade kinara made from florist foam, or get our free kinara and Kwanzaa coloring pages. Did you know that each year the U.S. Postal Service creates a new Kwanzaa stamp? One of our craft ideas is to the turn the stamps into pretty place cards for your Kwanzaa feast. You also can use Kwanzaa crafts to decorate your home for the holiday. Browse our collection of crafts, including a Kwanzaa banner made from iron-on letters, a simple Kwanzaa table runner you can sew in 30 minutes, and a pretty Kwanzaa pillow in the shape of the star, inspired by the Kwanzaa principle of unity. We've even got a Kwanzaa scrapbook layout to help you commemorate the holiday and a homemade Kwanzaa card featuring corn, or "muhindi," which represents the children of the family.