Patriot's Pride

Star-spangled images throughout the home celebrate America's history and unquenchable spirit.


  • Add impact to your collection of Americana by displaying similar items together rather than separately. Teddy bears (named after President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt) are a lovable legacy that can be used at the center of a display of Americana.
  • Don't limit your collection to antiques, because authentic vintage Americana has become very hard to find. Rather, look for unusual collectibles that work well with your patriotic motifs. Even brand-new pieces with an antique appearance can balance the decor. Try posing a doll with an American flag or tailoring a sailor suit for one of your teddy bears.

Appreciating Americana

A collection of red, white, and blue outlasts other passing fads and lends itself to timeless decorating. Here's how to get started:

Pick your favorite president to hang on the wall.
  • Visit antique shows, shops, and estate sales to hunt down authentic American artifacts, but don't rule out contemporary interpretations. Craft shows and specialty boutiques often harbor beautiful originals or reproductions that are very affordable.
  • Collect what you like, not necessarily what others deem desirable. Educate yourself about what's on the market, and learn and buy from reputable sources. Generally, look for unusual objects in the best possible condition, and pay only what you think they're worth.
  • Group your finds in small settings around your home, in extra bedrooms, along windows, on tables, on bookshelves, and in cupboards. For an uncluttered appearance, choose areas that won't interfere with your living space.
  • Be creative, and vary your displays from time to time by changing their composition and location. Pose Uncle Sam on an antique picture book, hang a political picture as a backdrop, or fill a hat with parade memorabilia. Rotate your collection periodically to freshen the look.


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