7 Patriotic Pie Ideas to Inspire Your Fourth of July Baking

These red, white, and blue desserts are more dazzling than the fireworks show!

Nothing says 'Happy Fourth of July' like enjoying a slice of apple pie under the fireworks, and it turns out there's a historical reason we associate pie with the holiday. Early American colonists began baking fruit pies in the 1600s, and the tradition stuck. And while apple is the most quintessential American pie filling, many people swap the apple slices for cherry, blueberry, or blackberry to play up the classic red, white and blue look. And often, what's on top of the pies is even more impressive than what's inside: Don't be surprised if a pie topped with cut-out stars and stripes makes an appearance at this year's Fourth of July table.

We've rounded up some of the most patriotic pies on Instagram to inspire your own Fourth of July desserts.

Under the Stars

This mouthwatering blueberry pie is topped with adorable stars made from pie crust cutouts. Emily from Gathered & Glazed used large and small cookie cutters to cut the stars from leftover crust before layering them on top of the blueberry filling. To make your own, grab a set of cookie cutters and make our Two-Crust Blueberry Pie.

Star-Spangled Blueberry

We love a good lattice and a decorative crust design can be hard to beat, but we love how The Boyer Bakery let the bright cherries and blueberries steal the show. To get the look, bake our Blueberry Basil Tarts or a Sour Cherry Pie and let the filling shine. Top with a few simple crust cut-outs to take these Fourth of July desserts to the next level.

Land of the Free

This fireworks frosting design is almost as impressive as the real show! To make your own, use extra pie crust to fashion a silhouette of the country and create a patriotic phrase with mini alphabet cookie cutters. Then, top with colorful frosting embellishments for an extra festive touch.

Lovely Lattice

As if this scrumptious blackberry filling wasn't mouthwatering enough, Aubrey Lundeen topped it with a gorgeous lattice crust. If you've never tried making one before, an intricate lattice design like this can be intimidating but it's actually so easy to learn! Once you've topped your fruit filling with the criss-cross design, add additional elements like a braided edge and fun pie crust hearts to show your love for the country.

Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic symbols of American freedom, and we have to say Lady Liberty looks pretty spectacular fashioned out of pie crust! Jessica from Pies Are Awesome created the stunning replica by using a paper stencil to get the shape just right, then set the design on top of a delicious cherry pie filling before adding an inscription to finish off the pie.

Stars and Stripes

This mouthwatering cherry and blueberry dessert might be our favorite rendition of the classic stars and stripes pattern. We love the way Shannon McDowell from Rumbly In My Tumbly created perfectly wavy stripes of crust, and the pattern of big and little stars over the section of blueberry filling really takes the cake.

Land That I Love

Rather than create the typical stars and stripes design, Lisa Catalone Castro of Lisa Makes Pie put her own twist on the classic pairing. She placed strips of crust over cherry filling to create the iconic red and white stripes, then used small cutout stars atop a small section of blueberry filling to spell out the word 'love.'

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