Celebrate Memorial Day with these patriotic flower arrangements.

By Sydney Price

Honor our fallen heroes with a beautiful Memorial Day flower display. Use a combination of red, white, and blue flowers; containers; and flags to show your American pride. Learn how to dress up a plain vase, which flowers to combine, and more. Any of these ideas would make a wonderful centerpiece for your Memorial Day picnic.

Flag-Wrapped Vase

Memorial Day wouldn’t be complete without the American flag. For an easy way to incorporate it into your flower arrangement, tuck a small fabric one around the edges of a clear glass vase. Fill with red, white, and blue flowers—we used pale blue hydrangeas as the starring bloom. To complete the look, rest your vase on a tray of red and blue fruits.

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Rustic Metal Vase and Tray

Guests will ooh and ahh at this stunning red, white, and blue flower centerpiece displayed in a humble metal vase. This showstopper includes the following blooms: purple veined coleus, red and white hybrid dahlias, fuchsia, blue hydrangeas, blue sea holly, blue pincushion flower, red yarrow, and red roses. Give it a place of honor on a corresponding metal tray.

Red, White, and Blue Paper Wraps

This Memorial Day centerpiece is a quick DIY project. All you need are basic glass vases and some red, white, and blue patterned paper of your choice. Measure around the vase to see how much paper to cut, then affix with adhesive. Fill with a bouquet of red-tipped carnations and spiky white spider mums reminiscent of fireworks. As a bonus, cut matching wraps to go around small votives.

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Blue Glass Bottles

Look beyond the flowers for Memorial Day color. An assortment of antique blue glassware makes for patriotic table decorations. Bright red or white flowers, such as geraniums, contribute their rich hues. Pair with seasonal table runners.

Painted Planters

Display a line of parade-worthy planters on your deck to welcome Memorial Day guests. Paint plain pots red, white, and blue, or purchase colorful ones for the occasion. Fill them with corresponding or contrasting flowers. If you don’t wish to permanently plant in these pots, place smaller planters inside and change them out after the holiday.

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Paper Lantern Vase Covers

Repurpose red, white, and blue striped paper lanterns as vase embellishments. Slide a cylindrical lantern over a clear glass. Use double-stick tape to keep it from falling down, if needed. Gather a handful of small white flowers for each. Display these vases against a solid tablecloth or runner to make sure the lanterns stand out.

Mason Jar with Flag and Flowers

Need a centerpiece in a hurry? Keep your Memorial Day decorating ideas simple. Tuck fresh red, white, or blue flowers into a clear Mason jar. Go with a monochrome scheme or opt for all three colors of the classic trio. A miniature Old Glory adds instant patriotic flair.

Charming Coolers

Vintage red, white, and blue coolers are the perfect containers for your Memorial Day flowers. Look for them at antique shops, flea markets, or via online resale. Fill with plenty of flowers and flags to show off their retro Americana charm.

Tub of Flowers

A galvanized metal tub brings farmhouse style to your outdoor Memorial Day decor. Truly “blue” flowers are rare in nature, so use deep purple flowers that lean towards blue instead. This bin features a combo of 'Overdam' variegated feather reedgrass, red pentas, white vinca, and 'Mystic Spires Blue' salvia. All of these plants appreciate full sun, so don’t be afraid to leave the arrangement on a sunny porch!

Bouquet in a Pitcher

For a relaxed, inexpensive arrangement, tuck a white flower bouquet into a simple white ceramic pitcher. Give it Memorial Day style with a trio of patriotic pinwheels. Take the pitcher of flowers outside for a picnic and the pinwheels will spin gently in the breeze!



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