Easy 4th of July Decorations

Decorate your home in the spirit of Independence Day with our red, white, and blue 4th of July decorations. These easy decorations cover every July 4th theme you can think of—including flags and fireworks—and they're cute to boot.

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    Flag Centerpiece

    Make the flag the star of your 4th of July decorating with this easy centerpiece. Tuck an American flag around the edges of a clear glass vase. Then fill with your favorite red, white, and blue 4th of July flowers. A base of fresh, juicy fruit doubles as a serving platter and adds pretty color. 

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    Dessert Decor

    Add a little pizzazz to your treats table with festive toothpicks. Look for premade picks at a grocery or crafts store. Or make your own by printing shapes on cardstock, cutting them out, and taping to the tops of toothpicks. These little red, white, and blue flags are also great for differentiating desserts. 

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    Pretty Bar Fans

    Fans help guests stay cool on a hot day, but they can also double as DIY 4th of July decorations. Find tinted fans at a local crafts store, or dip-dye plain white fans in red and blue dyes. Then hang fans on a length of twine above your bar. 

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    Bandanna Table Runner

    Give your picnic table a 4th of July makeover with patriotic table decorations. A runner of neatly pressed bandannas in hues of blue and white looks fresh, especially when paired with pretty floral centerpieces.

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    Flag-Theme Centerpiece

    About 300 miniature flags make up this eye-catching centerpiece. It's easier to make than you might think. Just wrap a foam wreath form in crepe paper, then insert flags until the wreath is covered for this simple 4th of July centerpiece. 

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    Red, White, and Blue Flowerpots

    Add patriotic pops of color to your 4th of July bash. Fill painted pots with red, white, and blue flowers, and line them up on your front stoop or deck.

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    Sweet Spoon Stamps

    Make digging into the 4th of July feast a touch sweeter by decorating plain wooden utensils with red and blue ink stamps to adorn the handles of each utensil with stars, stripes, and other patriotic designs. 

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    Pretty 4th of July Pinwheels

    Swirling red, white, and blue pinwheels mimic the fireworks you'll see later in the day. These decorations are perfect for lining a walkway or filling a tall vessel. They also make great party favors.

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    Rockets Centerpiece

    Paper rockets blast off from a shiny sand-filled bucket in this fun Fourth of July decoration. To make each rocket, roll scrapbooking paper into a tube and secure with glue. For the nose cone, cut a slit to the center of a paper circle; overlap ends and adhere together using glue. Glue a ribbon strip inside the rocket to resemble a fuse, and glue a long dowel inside the tube to support the rocket.

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    Firecracker Garland

    This so-easy DIY 4th of July decoration costs only a few bucks but makes a big impact. All you need to create the garlands are a few basic crafts supplies—twine, tissue paper, crepe paper—and a little bit of patience. 

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    Starry Night Decorations

    Give your lawn the star-spangled treatment for a 4th of July party. Focus the stars near the entrance to your yard for a dramatic welcome. To make, cut a star shape from a piece of cardboard. Place the stencil on the lawn and spray the grass lightly with water. Leaving the stencil in place, use a flour sifter to lightly fill the shape with flour. Remove the stencil and repeat.

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    4th of July Water Bottles

    Wrap small flags around water bottles for an incredibly simple way to add 4th of July spirit. Plastic or fabric flags work best—paper flags will wither as the water condenses.

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    4th of July Flowers and Candles

    Top your July 4th tablescape with patriotic table decorations—like these homemade candleholders and vases. Make these centerpieces your own with red, white, and blue patterned paper. Simply attach to the clear vessels using adhesive.

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    4th of July Chair Cover

    Add July 4th flair to your chairs with cloth napkin slipcovers. To make, fold a napkin in half and iron to crease. Cut four pieces of ribbon; glue one inside each napkin corner. Tie to close. Hot-glue or stitch red cording to spell "4th," and you're done!

    Editor's Tip: Use any cording scraps to add firework bursts to your chair covers.

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    Fireworks Popcorn Bucket

    Make a colorful container for carting treats to the fireworks display. Cover unused paint cans (available at hardware stores) with red, white, and/or blue scrapbooking paper, and supply the kids with stickers and markers to personalize their cans. Line the inside of the can with a large plastic bag before filling with snacks.

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    Blue Glassware Centerpiece

    A collection of blue bottles and drinking glasses makes a charming 4th of July centerpiece, especially when filled with red, white, and blue flags or flowers. Tie the look together with a colorful table runner.

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    4th of July Lantern Table Setting

    For unique DIY 4th of July decorations, spray-paint matching antiques or thrift store finds with metallic red, white, or blue paint. Pair them with American flags and color-coordinated flowers for a table setting that's ready in no time!

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    Festive Flag Wreath

    This rustic welcome wreath adds instant patriotic charm to your front door. Wrap rope around a lifesaving ring or wreath base using hot glue to secure. Then add a few American flags for a touch of U.S. decor. 

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    USA Letters

    Show your American pride with these colorful letters. Buy plain wooden letters (available at crafts stores) and get creative with red, white, and blue acrylic paint. Mix and match solid colors with stars and stripes.

    Editor's Tip: Looking to save these for years to come? Coat the letters with polyurethane for durability.

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    4th of July Lanterns

    Illuminate the outdoors with festive Fourth of July decorations. Search for fireworks-pattern lanterns, or create your own with stencil designs atop 12-inch white paper lanterns.

    Editor's Tip: Unfold the lantern a day in advance to stretch it out for easier decorating. 

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    Red, White, and Blue Picnic Servers

    Spice up recycled containers (oatmeal containers work well) with scrapbooking paper to make simple utensil holders. Cut paper to size, and use a glue stick to adhere to the outside of each container. Purchase a small amount of chalkboard paint to make easy labels.

    Editor's Tip: Short on time? Scrapbooking and crafts stores often carry premade chalkboard labels.

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    4th of July Napkin Ring

    Upgrade your 4th of July dinner table with patriotic place settings. Attach one end of a 12-inch piece of festive striped ribbon to the flat side of a D ring; secure with glue. Layer a box of sparklers on top of a dinner napkin, and wrap with your ribbon loop.

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    Labeled Serving Buckets

    Get your red, white, and blue on at the dinner table this year—even plain buckets can get dressed up for the 4th of July! Use sticker labels or make your own with fun sayings like Yum! or Enjoy! Attach a label to the front of each bucket.

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    Patriotic Paper Lanterns

    Red, white, and blue lanterns become bubbly America-theme decorations over your dining table. Use a long piece of sturdy string and tie each of the lanterns onto it. Fold the string in half before hanging to create a layered look.

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    Flag Napkin Ring

    Create a fun and easy 4th of July table setting with purchased miniature American flags. Just wrap each flag around a table napkin, pin in place, and you're all set.

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    4th of July Buckets

    Share your patriotic sentiments with guests by labeling oversize buckets with vinyl letters (find them at office supply or crafts stores). Fill the buckets with ice to keep beverages cool during a hot 4th of July celebration, or use them to hold boxes of sparklers.

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    4th of July Flags

    Make your own 4th of July flags! Purchase wooden skewers and a spool of flag ribbon at your local crafts store. Wrap a 3-inch length of ribbon around the top of each skewer; secure with tape.

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    DIY Bunting

    Add bunting to your porch to welcome guests this 4th of July. Buy several yards of patriotic-pattern fabric (determine length based on where the bunting will hang). Starting at one end, gather the fabric about every 24 inches and secure the gathers using red, white, or blue yarn. Use the same color of yarn to attach the bunting to a porch rail.

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    Patriotic Table Edging

    Turn a plain table into something special for your 4th of July celebration. To make, apply double-stick tape to the table edge to hold a crepe paper streamer in place.

    Editor's Tip: Pleat the streamer by pinching the top of it all around the table. If necessary, secure the pleats with tape.

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    Three-Vase Patriotic Centerpiece

    Transform red-white-and-blue striped paper lanterns into 4th of July centerpieces for your table. Just slip each lantern over a clear glass, and tuck a handful of white blooms inside.

    Editor's Tip: A solid background—such as a blue table runner—will make these decorations pop.

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    Red, White, and Blue Fan Favors

    Paper fans help guests keep cool on hot summer days. These darling ones add patriotic flair to any event. Insert sturdy straws or dowels between the ends of opened mini decorative paper fans. Glue a circle of firework-pattern paper to the center.

    Editor's Tip: Find fans at a local party supply store; look for fans that are intended to hang by a string.

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    4th of July Flower Centerpiece

    Your 4th of July decorating ideas don't have to be complicated. This fun centerpiece takes just minutes to pull together. Fill a clear Mason jar with fresh red, white, or blue flowers, and add a miniature American flag to finish.

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