Cottage Gone Patriotic

An overall red-white-and-blue color scheme unifies the rooms in this renovated cottage, where basic furniture was acquired from local flea markets. Anything that didn't fit the color scheme was painted or spiffed up with new fabric, throws, or pillows.

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    Porch Perfect

    On the porch, vintage rattan pieces were revived with new paint, cushions, and pillows. When open, 4-foot-wide doors hung from barn door tracks let the porch and kitchen function as one room.

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    Catalog Dining

    The family often eats on the porch or patio, but the informal dining area catches the overflow. The dining table was ordered from a catalog and a flea-market chandelier was spruced up with paint, shells, and shades.

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    Seashell Art

    Old printers' boxes -- a flea market find -- became easy art when seashells were glued inside the typeface cubbies. Scrubbed pine floors look bright and natural in a sheer polyurethane finish.

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    Inviting Living

    In the living room, textural surfaces and mix-and-match throw pillows invite guests to plop down wherever they want.

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    Beachy Cool Bedroom

    Part of the new addition, the master bedroom feels voluminous because of its high ceilings and an airy iron bed. The house's coastal setting inspired the sand-colored grass cloth walls.

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    Framed in White

    The homeowner made most of the wall art or sought out inexpensive seaside-theme prints from home stores and secondhand shops; re-matted and framed in white, they look crisp against the white walls.

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    Seashell Mirror

    In the master bathroom, crisp beaded-board walls and shutters are accented by a shell-covered mirror frame.

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    Island Style

    Open shelves on the walls and island display collections of yellowware and tin picnic boxes.

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    Kitchen Order

    The country-style kitchen cabinets and farm sink, stock items from a local home store, are personalized with plaid textiles, cutlery wind chimes, and a container for keeping DIY paintbrushes at the ready.

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    Patriotic Kids

    Two sisters share this cozy bedroom done in mismatched red, white, and blue prints. The bedding is the result of shopping sales for linens in these coordinating colors.

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    Cottage Charming

    This summer home's cottage charm was emphasized with shake shingle siding and three new dormers.

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