Bright Stars

Independence Day is a time to celebrate America. Maybe you'll go to a parade or a carnival, or have a picnic. After sunset, watch in wonder as fireworks burst open in the summer sky.

Organizing a Parade:

If there isn't an Independence Day parade in your town, organize one yourself. Invite a few neighbor kids to participate, then line your parents along the sidewalk to watch.

  • Invite the best in-line skater to carry the flag.
  • No need for a live marching band. Just carry a portable cassette player or boom box. Borrow a tape of favorite marches.
  • Older kids can pull smaller kids in wagons.
  • Put a ribbon on your cat or dog and lead it on a leash.
  • Dress up in a dance recital costume and cartwheel or twirl a baton along the parade route.
  • Have a bike-decorating contest. Invite a parent or teenager to be the judge.
  • At the end of your route, offer refreshments to parade participants and the audience.


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