Striped Star Pillow

Adorned with ribbon and star appliques, this striking accent piece can make its home in a den, living room, or bedroom.

What You Need:

Decorate your pillows with stars and stripes for that cozy, patriotic feel.
  • 5/8 yard of 60-inch-wide blue wool coating fabric
  • 1/8 yard of 60-inch-wide red wool coating fabric
  • 1 yard of 7/8-inch-wide novelty stripe grosgrain ribbon
  • Pinking shears or pinking edge rotary blade cutter
  • Hi-loft batting and fiberfill for inside star shape
  • 2 red star 2-1/4 inch appliques
  • 2 red star 1-1/4 inch appliques
  • 4 blue star 1-1/4 inch appliques
  • Fabric glue

Note: The star shape includes a 3/8-inch seam.


1. Make a 5-pointed star shape. To make a pillow exactly as shown here, each of the star's points should be 9 inches from center. From blue wool, cut two stars for front and back and a 3-1/4 x 60-inch strip for boxing. From red wool, cut 1-1/2 x 36-inch pinked edge strip. Cut the red strip in half. Place the red wool on the star. Center stripe ribbon on the red wool and top stitch along the edge of the ribbon.

2. Layer the boxing strip on the pillow front, wrong sides together. Stitch the seam, clipping boxing strip around points as necessary. Stitch the boxing strip to the pillow back.

3. Make a 5-inch slit in star back. Pink edges through both layers. Cut two layers of high-loft batting into a star shape. Stuff one batting layer through the opening. Add fiberfill to the desired firmness. Stuff the remaining batting in the pillow. Hand-stitch the opening closed. Glue star appliques on the pillow front.


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