Patriotic Crafts

Proudly show your patriotism and your American pride with our red, white, and blue crafts.

Grand Old Flag

Proudly show your patriotism with the stars and stripes of our high-flying flags.

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Old Glory Slate

This painted version of the Stars and Stripes comes already framed, since a slate is used as the artwork's "canvas."

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Patriotic Swags

It has never been easier to decorate your house with swags and bunting to show your support for America.

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Star-Rimmed Basket

This patriotic basket is perfect for gift giving. Place homemade goodies in it and deliver to a friend.

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Stand-up Stars

The shape of a star always catches the eye. Decorate wooden stars with vintage buttons, torn-fabric bows, and twisted wire.

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Patriotic Paperweights

Decorate your office with icons of the country. These paperweights will make any desk or counter sing of the insatiable American spirit.

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Eucalyptus Wreath

Salute America with this wreath of eucalyptus and dried flowers. The blue, pink, and cream color scheme strikes a patriotic note that's subtle but effective.

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Chunky Bead Necklace

Wear the country's colors around your neck with pride. This is easy enough for the kids to make, too.

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Patriot's Pride

The rich history of our country should be celebrated. Bring out and display pieces of Americana throughout your home.

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