Fun 4th of July Crafts

Red, white and blue windsock
Start your Independence Day with a bang! Our family-friendly 4th of July crafts will get everyone excited to celebrate. Including colorful July 4th decorations, crafts especially for kids, and easy everyday embellishments, there's a 4th of July craft for everyone.

Paper Fireworks

Mimic the fireworks in the sky with homemade paper rockets in this fun 4th of July craft.


Make the craft: For each rocket, roll scrapbooking paper into a tube and secure with glue. To make the nose cone, cut a slit to the center of a paper circle; overlap ends and adhere together using gule. Glue a ribbon strip inside the rocket to resemble a fuse, and glue a long dowel inside the tube to support rocket.

Red, White, and Blue Drink Holders

Plain foam beverage insulators become canvases for creativity on the 4th of July.


Make the craft: Dress up store-bought red, white, and blue drink holders in patriotic style by using paint pens and attaching sticker stars and stripes.

3-D Banner

The kids will love making the words for this festive banner! Cut strips of red and blue paper and have the kids fold and glue the strips to form letters, then hole-punch them and string them into a banner to form a word or phrase. Get the full instructions in our party kit!

U.S.A. Door Banner

Celebrate your love for the grand ol' U.S.A. (and for your hometown especially!) with this super simple 4th of July craft.


Make the craft: Press high-tack fabric adhesive to the back of blue canvas fabric. Print a shape of the mainland from the Internet, trace on canvas, and cut out. Remove adhesive backing; follow directions to adhere to a red canvas rectangle. Cut felt in the shape of your state; layer stars to mark your hometown. With embroidery floss, whipstitch around the state and make a French knot in the center of the stars. Sew a rod pocket at the banner top, insert a wooden dowel, and hang with ribbon.

Patriotic Snack Buckets

Life, liberty, and happiness -- honor the words from the Declaration of Independence in your 4th of July decor. These galvanized tubs hold snacks, drinks, and sparklers for the celebration.


Make the craft: Coat large galvanized tubs with white metal primer. Then paint each tub a different shade of blue. Use letter stickers to spell "life," "liberty," and "happiness" on the tubs.

Party Crackers

We love this kid-friendly firework craft! Paper party crackers are easy to make, and only require 4 materials. Look for cracker snaps (sticks that pop when you pull on each end) at your local party store, and insert one into a toilet paper tube so it sticks out both ends. Fill the tube with candy and treats, roll it in crepe paper and tie with a gold cord. Add fringed tissue paper to the ends and set out at your patriotic celebration. 

This easy-to-make July 4th centerpiece will wow your guests.

Adorable Flag Centerpiece

The star of your table is right here! Watch our tricks for making a flag-theme table topper.

Monument Pillows

Spread patriotic spirit throughout your home with pillow appliques that show off your favorite places in the U.S.A.


Make the craft: Press fabric adhesive to the back of canvas fabric. Print off monument shapes from the Internet, trace on canvas, and cut out. From contrasting canvas fabric, cut squares to pillow size (including seam allowances). Remove adhesive backing from monument shape and follow directions to adhere it to a fabric square using an iron. Set sewing machine to a close zigzag stitch and sew around edges of monument shape. With wrong sides together, use a straight stitch to sew squares together, leaving an opening for turning. Turn, insert a pillow form, and hand-sew opening closed.

Patriotic Beanbag Toss

For a quick and easy addition to your 4th of July party, try making a fun game everyone will enjoy.


Make the craft: Rinse and clean six metal cans. Paint patriotic stripes with acrylic paint. Let them dry for a few hours before handling.

Play the game: Stack the cans in a pyramid and toss beanbags to knock them down for a fun, all-ages yard game. Whoever knocks down the most wins!

Editor's Tip: You also can plant flowers in each can and use them as table centerpieces.

Star-Spangled Bicycle

Kids will love sprucing up their bikes in star-spangled style (and you'll love using up leftover cardstock and ribbon).


Make the craft: Set out some tape, miniature flags, and other red, white, and blue crafts supplies, such as construction paper and streamers, and let the kids dig in.

Some ideas:

  • Tuck flags into the bike handles.
  • Tie patriotic ribbons around the bike basket.
  • Cut cardstock stars and tape them to or thread them through the wheel spokes.

Lady Liberty Crown

Start the party on a patriotic note with these adorable Lady Liberty crowns. They're easy to make and mess-free, too -- no glue required.


Make the craft: Purchase 12x18-inch sheets of green crafts foam, then use crafts scissors to cut out each one using the free pattern as a guide. You'll end up with a wide band shape with spikes. Make a slit at the base of each spike, as noted on the template, then thread the spikes through the openings. Slide the whole crown onto a plastic headband.

This easy-to-make firework garland is a fun way to decorate for July 4th.

Cheap Metallic Garland Craft

It's a cinch to make this inexpensive (and sparkly!) 4th of July garland.

Star Place Mat Applique

Set the table for some 4th of July fun with a star-spangled place mat.


Make the craft: Apply high-tack fabric adhesive to the back of white canvas fabric. Cut a variety of star sizes. Remove adhesive backing from each star and press firmly onto ready-made red and blue place mats. Embroider a French knot in each star center.

Red, White, and Blue Tulle Wreath

Welcome your 4th of July crowd with a fun and festive wreath on the front door.


Make the craft: Purchase a 12-inch wire wreath form and red and white tulle from a crafts store. (Our tulle pieces are 2-1/4 yards long by 54 inches wide.)
Cut 35 strips of each color that measure about 6x15 inches each. Simply knot the tulle onto the wire, switching colors after every five knots. Finally, curl a piece of blue star garland into a circle and tie it to the wreath with a small piece of tulle.

Patriotic Batons

Who doesn't love a great 4th of July parade? Even small kids can easily assemble these patriotic batons and wave them high while waiting for the next float with candy to pass by.

Patriotic Sandals

Add a little patriotic flair to your wardrobe with star-spangled flip-flops made especially for watching fireworks.


Make the craft: Use hot glue to attach glow-in-the-dark stars to each flip-flop strap (we found red-white-and-blue flip-flops, but you could use solid-color ones, too).

4th of July Snack Cartons

Waiting for the fireworks to start can make kids (and adults!) antsy. Make the wait pass quickly with snacks served in festive take-out containers.


Make the craft: Give kids red, white, and blue take-out boxes (available at crafts or party stores) and an arsenal of stickers, ribbons, and other embellishments; let their imaginations do the rest. Fill the decorated containers with popcorn or trail mix, grab a blanket, and settle in for a spectacular show.

4th of July Wind Sock

The kids will love this easy-to-make July 4th craft that blows and flutters in the summer wind to celebrate Independence Day.


Make the craft: Glue scrapbooking paper around a clean frozen-juice-concentrate container, then extend paper a few inches beyond the can. Twist white chenille stems around a pencil for a curly shape, then tape them to the inside bottom edges of the wind sock. Add streamers in the same way. Inside the top, tape two equal-length pieces of fishing line across from each other so the wind sock is balanced; tie together at the top for easy hanging.

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