Make a collection of patriotic pinwheels for your next Fourth of July parade, or use them to create red, white, and blue DIY decor. They're easier to make than you think!

By Emily VanSchmus
Updated May 27, 2019

Make a pretty paper pinwheel in just two easy steps! Follow our easy instructions for clever cutting and folding to create a perfect pinwheel shape, every time. Add a pin through the center of your craft and attach it to a long stick to create a pinwheel that really spins—perfect for a neighborhood Fourth of July parade. Or use glue to attach an assortment of pinwheels to an embroidery hoop for a pretty Fourth of July decoration.

  • Working time 10 mins
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Step 1

Cut Patterned Paper

This Fourth of July craft is so easy! To make a pinwheel, put a piece of craft paper into a five-inch square; the finished pinwheel will show the front and back of each piece of paper, so choose craft papers with a pattern printed on both sides. Use a pencil to draw a straight line from each corner to the opposite corner, creating a large X shape across the square paper. Use scissors to cut from each corner into the middle, stopping half an inch before the center—be careful not to cut any of the pieces off. 

Step 2

Fold and Glue

Once you've made all four cuts on the square paper, place a drop of hot glue in the center of the X shape and fold down one corner so the point comes to the center of the paper. Hold down the corner until the glue dries, then add another drop of glue and fold in the next corner. Repeat this step for each corner until the pinwheel is finished. If you don't have glue, or you want to make a pinwheel that actually spins, push a craft pin or a brad through each corner and through the center of the paper. 

Step 3

Decorate with Pinwheels

Turn your pinwheels into a festive Fourth of July decoration by attaching them to an embroidery hoop. To make sure you have enough pinwheels, keep the embroidery hoop near while you're cutting and gluing the pinwheels. We attached ten pinwheels (made from five-inch squares) to a medium-size hoop, but to make pinwheels fit on a smaller wreath, start with three or four-inch squares. 

Comments (2)

How difficult was this project?
June 29, 2019
Difficulty: Very easy
Great idea for kids of all ages!!
June 29, 2019
Difficulty: Very easy
First I printed all the information, then measured all. Cut, cut, snip, snip and that was that. Fold and glue...voila!!

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