Get your red, white, and blue on! Learn how to make this adorable Fourth of July wreath in under 10 minutes. We’ve got all the instructions and hanging advice you need, plus more of our favorite patriotic decorating ideas!

By BH&G Holiday Editors
Updated April 16, 2020

This Fourth of July wreath might just be the easiest holiday wreath you’ll ever make. Purchase a few red, white, and blue bandanas and cut them into strips. All you have to do is tie the strips directly onto a lightweight hoop or wreath form (we used an embroidery hoop), then put the wreath on display! Get creative with different patterns; we used a flag pattern, but any combination of red, white, and blue will fit right in with your Fourth of July decor. We’ve got all the instructions and hanging advice you need, plus more of our favorite patriotic decorating ideas!

  • Working time 20 mins
  • Start to finish 20 mins
  • Difficulty Easy

What you need


How to do it

Step 1

Cut bandanas

To make this fun and easy Fourth of July craft, cut red, white, and blue bandanas into strips that measure approximately 5 x 20 inches. We folded a 20 x 20-inch square bandana in half and cut four equal strips from the bandana. Adjust the length and width of the strips to fit the size of your embroidery hoop. We used approximately 6 blue strips, 16 red strips, and 22 white strips for a large embroidery hoop.

Step 2

Tie bandanas

When your strips are cut, start tying them to the embroidery hoop. Place the hoop in the center of the strip, and bring the ends up and together to make sure the lengths are even. Tie a knot, then tie a second knot to create a layer of texture between the hoop and the loose bandanas. Tie the rest of the bandanas in an alternating red, white, and blue pattern—we used a pattern of red and white for most of the wreath and added a small section of blue and white bandanas to create a patriotic flag wreath.

Step 3

Display wreath

Use a wreath hanger to display the wreath on your front door, or use a removable wall hook to hang the wreath as part of an indoor Fourth of July display. If the bandana strips don’t stay in a position you like once the wreath is upright, use spray starch to help keep the strips in place.


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