Easy 4th of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July Table Display
Your 4th of July party is bound to be summer's biggest celebration. Gather your friends and use these patriotic decorating, entertaining, and recipe ideas for this year's 4th of July celebration. Your 4th of July party is bound to be summer's biggest shindig when you include our festive star banners, refreshing watermelon coolers, and more.

Party Decorations: Watermelon Carve-Outs

Juicy watermelon makes a sweet statement for any 4th of July party. Using stencils and a sharp knife or vegetable peeler, carve festive notes as a celebratory memo. Display your assortment of various-shape watermelons on your porch, deck, or even as a fun centerpiece for your snack table.

3-D Banner

Make a patriotic banner that really stands out! Fold and glue strips of cardstock into letters that form a word or phrase. For rounded letters like the "C" shape, drag the paper strip under the edge of a ruler from the center to the edges, similar to the way you would curl a ribbon. Hole punch the top of each letter and string it into a festive banner that's perfect for a Fourth of July celebration. 

Party Decorations: Simple Star Banner

A pretty swag adds instant party style. It's a cinch to make: Cut out an equal number of stars from red and blue tagboard (use the first one as a guide for cutting the rest). Coat the stars with crafts glue and sprinkle with glitter; let dry. Add a grommet for hanging on one point of each star and string onto ribbon. Hang the garland to announce that the party starts here.

Red, White and Blue Slushies

Mix up a batch of red, white and blue frozen treats for your party guests. These slushies start with a base of frozen lemonade, and get their color and flavor from a few tasty mix ins.Try cherry juice and vodka for red slushies, cream of coconut and rum for white, and curacao and blue raspberry lemonade for the blue frozen treats. Yum! Top each one off with a dipped strawberry, and add DIY oilcloth coasters for an extra patriotic touch. Get the recipe and napkin instructions in our free party kit!

Party Decorations: 4th of July Flags

Independence Day decorating is easier (and cheaper) than you think! To make these flag-inspired pennants, cut paint-chip cards from your local hardware store into triangles. Using a hole punch, cut two holes at the top edges of each triangle. String together using white ribbon, separating triangles about 1 inch apart.

Party Decorations: 4th of July Flowers and Candles

Adorn your 4th of July table with cheery candles and darling vases wrapped in patriotic paper. All you need are scissors, colorful paper, clear candle holders, a vase, and adhesive. Add to the festivities with a customized matchbox wrapped in coordinated paper.

Party Crackers

Make your own festive party crackers with just a few materials. Fill a toilet paper tube with a store-bought cracker snap (a stick that pops when you pull on the ends), then cover the tubes with crepe paper and fringed tissue paper for a kid-friendly firework activity. 

Party Decorations: Beautiful Bar Decor

Glam up your party's drink area with a red, white, and blue garland. This cute Fourth of July decoration is made from dip-dyed fans hung on a length of string. A canister full of more colorful fans lets guests grab-and-go whenever they need to beat the heat. 

Party Decorations: Festive Welcome Sign

Patriotic party ideas? Check! A red, white, and blue welcome sign helps guests find their way to the party of the summer. Get the look by adorning a faux lifesaver with blue stick-on letters.

Party Activity: Tic-Tac-Toe

It's game time with this tossable version of tic-tac-toe. Cut a 20-inch square from a painter's drop cloth; turn back the edges and press with an iron. Use duct tape to finish the edges and mark squares. Sand-filled muslin sachet bags—color coded with duct-tape strips—mark each player's spot.

Party Activity: Soak Up the Sun

Have a low-key, go-barefoot, splash-in-the-lake kind of day this 4th of July. Set out festive lounge chairs, beach towels, and other summer essentials to help make your party relaxing and enjoyable. Oh, and don't forget the sunscreen!

Party Activity: Build Sand Castles

A beautiful beach and some summer sun are all you need for the perfect 4th of July celebration. Keep kids occupied with fun 4th of July activities by having them build sand castles. Top the peaks with American flags for a festive finish.

Party Favor: 4th of July Sparklers

Make your 4th of July soiree one to remember with these dazzling sparkler party favors. To create, you'll need a color printer, white cardstock, scissors, a crafts knife, a cutting mat, and of course, sparklers. Print pages on cardstock, then cut out the designs and use a crafts knife to cut slits along the white dotted lines. Slide sparklers through the slits so that the words show on top of the sparklers. Be sure to remove the sparklers from the paper holders before lighting.

Party Favor: Apple-Berry Pie in a Jar

Bake these adorable apple-berry pies, then send them with your guests for a sweet way to end your 4th of July bash. All you need are fresh berries, sugar-brushed pastries, and cute canning jars. Use a simple star cutout to add extra flair.

Party Favor: 4th of July Coasters

Awe 4th of July guests with these celebratory coasters. To make them you'll need a color printer, white cardstock, scissors, 4-inch-diameter round chipboard coasters, spray adhesive, and a matte-finish clear spray. Print page on cardstock, then cut out the designs. Spray chipboard coasters with spray adhesive and press cutout designs to adhere. Spray with clear finish and let dry.

Table Setting: Numbered Napkins

These personalized napkins are a clever and inexpensive way for guests to keep track of their drinks. How to make them? Well, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply use iron-on numbers at the corner of each cocktail napkin and say goodbye to annoying mix-ups.

Table Setting: Watermelon-Mint Cooler

Greet guests with ice-cold glasses of fizzy watermelon sippers. Using red and blue tumblers, a large ice-filled cooler, and a large jug, you can create a festive 4th of July display. Place in a common area of the party for guests to enjoy.

Table Setting: Colorful Napkin Holders

Summer's big hurrah is as casual as they come. Skip the fancy decorations and get creative with some basics from the hardware store. Here, we use paint-chip strips as napkin rings. Simply wrap and tape.

Table Setting: Watermelon Fruit Kabobs

A fresh assortment of sweet melon kabobs creates an all-star look for any 4th of July table. Skip the expensive bowl and use half of a carved-out watermelon instead. For kabobs, cut melons with mini cookie cutters and thread onto skewers for a starry display.

Table Setting: Cherry Bombs

Dress up drinks with cherry-laced ice cubes and faux fireworks. Simply roll red scrapbooking paper around a wooden skewer, then adhere with double-stick tape. Use scissors to cut festive fringe.

Table Setting: Red, White, and Blue

Go all out with pretty, patriotic patterns for your Fourth of July feast. Look for blue and white dishes at a local thrift store. Then dress the table with red-and-white gingham napkins, a blue tablecloth, and festive 4th of July centerpieces. 

Table Setting: Flag Centerpiece

Tiny flag party picks become a wow-worthy centerpiece with the help of a few simple DIY tools. Cover a foam wreath form with crepe paper, then add flag picks until the wreath is completely covered. Complete the 4th of July centerpiece with a glass hurricane and your favorite candle. 

Table Setting: Sporty Centerpiece

Any open basket works to make this easy 4th of July centerpiece. Just fill with decorative grass, baseballs, and red and blue croquet balls. A few tiny flags add festive flair.

Table Setting: Lantern Centerpiece

Use striped lanterns from a crafts store as a festive centerpiece for your 4th of July bash. Fit the lantern over a white glass and fill with white blooms. Line up a few down a tablescape for a memorable finish.

Festive Food: Hawaiian Burger

Fire up summer's biggest shindig with a thick, juicy burger hot off the grill. Ours features pineapple, sweet onion, bacon, fresh tomatoes, and melty cheese—perfect for any 4th of July party. 

Festive Food: Hibiscus Tea

Refresh your 4th of July crowd with a chilly glass of bright ruby-red tea. Match the tartness of hibiscus flowers with sweet cinnamon sticks and a spoonful of honey. This rejuvenating tea will go fast in the summer sun, so be sure to make two pitchers.

Festive Food: Skillet White Beans

Looking for Fourth of July recipes that will please a crowd? Delicious baked beans are bound to be a party-time favorite. Chop yellow and red tomatoes and place them on top for a yummy touch.

Add patriotic flair, and make the life of the party with these festive red, white and blue shots! It's the perfect 4th of July cocktail recipe.

Festive Food: Red, White, and Blue Shooters

It's official—these are the most patriotic 4th of July drinks ever! Layer grenadine, peach schnapps, and blue curacao for easy, colorblocked 4th of July cocktails guests will love.

Festive Food: Berry Patchwork Tart

Brighten up your 4th of July bash with a berry-embellished tart. Use a variety of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries to create playful, patriotic squares, then drizzle with fresh honey-mint syrup to finish.

Festive Food: Summer Dogs

Grilled hot dogs are a must for any 4th of July bash. We top ours mile-high with fresh garden veggies such as vinegar-tossed tomatoes, crunchy corn kernels, lettuce, and onion for a refreshingly tangy topper.

More 4th of July Fun

Get your house guest-ready with a few simple holiday touches. From patriotic centerpieces to pretty Fourth of July decorations, we have hacks for whipping your home into tip-top shape. 

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