18 Fourth of July Party Hacks to Help You Throw the Ultimate Bash

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Make your Independence Day party one to remember with these fun Fourth of July hacks. Looking for last-minute entertaining ideas? We've got easy ideas for patriotic decor, food, and crafts. Plus, get our best tips for displaying the red, white, and blue.

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Outdoor Star Decor

ff_stars on grass, kids laying in grass, stars

Celebrate the stars and stripes with an outdoor Fourth of July decoration that's fun and festive. To create the ultimate holiday lawn, place a star stencil on dry grass. Sprinkle on flour and remove the stencil. Once the party's over, use a hose and water to clean up your lawn stars.

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Easy Party Snack

Dual Role

Celebrate the red, white, and blue with this easy 4th of July picnic idea. Simply create white paper cones using our free pattern and fill them with the season's best berries. Stick to patriotic colors for your Independence Day buffet.

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Patriotic Servingware

Patriotic Message

Make the founding fathers proud with a trio of DIY beverage tubs. This easy Fourth of July party hack is as simple as using stencils to paint on patriotic phrases. Use them to display party drinks, ice pops, and snacks.

Buy It: Galvanized Beverage Tub ($20, Wayfair)

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Stamped Silverware

4th of July stamped wooden spoons

This easy 4th of July party hack ensures your table is functional and festive. Use letter stamps to customize inexpensive wooden spoons with a patriotic message. This is one of our favorite 4th of July serving ideas for a picnic!

Buy It: 50 Disposable Natural Wooden Small Spoons ($5.95, Etsy)

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Fourth of July Skewers

side view flag kabob snacks

Need a last-minute party dessert? Start skewering. Fresh blueberries, raspberries, and marshmallows make the easiest 4th of July dessert we've ever seen. Use mini marshmallows for a truly bite-sized treat.

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Festive Flag Centerpiece

4th of July centerpiece

This patriotic hack is as easy as ordering mini flag picks. Look for them online or at party supply stores. Simply poke them into a foam wreath form and finish with a tall faux pillar candle. Now that's an easy 4th of July decoration!

Buy It: American Flag Picks ($2.99, Party City)

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Easy Party Decor

balloons, party, country party, red party

No need to run out and buy a bunch of new outdoor decorations. Deck out your Fourth of July potluck with things you already have! Using white as your base, add pops of red and blue with year-round party staples like lanterns, flowers, and vases. Uncle Sam would be proud.

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Donut Hole Pops

Doughnut Hole Pops

Need a quick party dessert idea? Make patriotic pops! Start with purchased donut holes and dip them in melted white chocolate. Add a few red, white, and blue sprinkles, and you're done!

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Easy Activity Idea

boy painting 4th of July banner

Need to keep the little ones entertained? This fun 4th of July activity for kids brings the fun and the fireworks. Lay out a long sheet of white paper and small trays of paint. Create star-shaped stamps by cutting drinking straws and bending them.

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Easy Treat Boxes

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Dress up your 4th of July buffet with a bunch of handmade treat boxes. To make, simply attach red, white, and blue stickers to purchased take-out containers. This patriotic craft doubles as a festive party favor.

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Grab and Go Drinks

Mason Jar Drinks

Don't get stuck making drinks at your summer party! Prepare a big-batch 4th of July cocktail ahead of time. Pour the drink into individual serving cups. Place them over ice just before party time.

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Chocolate-Dipped Cherries

chocolate covered cherries clear serving dish

It's hot, don't turn on the oven. Make an easy party dessert with just three ingredients. Dip juicy fresh cherries in melted white chocolate that's been colored with a few drops of red food coloring. Or get creative and make them in red, white, and blue.

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Fourth of July Banner

4th of July Flag Pennant

Head to your local paint supply store for this simple Independence Day decoration. Create a handmade Fourth of July banner using paint color swatches. Simply cut them into triangles and string them on a piece of thin rope.

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Easy DIY Drink Garnish

drink with cherries

Add some fireworks to your 4th of July cocktail! Create a DIY drink stirrer with a long toothpick and some scrapbook paper. Simply cut a strip of colorful paper and fringe the long edge. Place a toothpick in the corner and roll the paper up. Secure the paper with a dab of glue.

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Sweet Star Dessert

Star-Spangled Pound Cake

Use a cookie cutter to create a festive 4th of July dessert. Simply cut purchased cake (or make one of these 4th of July cake recipes) into star shapes and drizzle with melted ice cream. Finish this easy dessert with a sprinkle of fresh berries.

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Pretty Place Cards

festive lemon boat place cards

No need for fancy printed place cards. Your outdoor party should be casual—like these adorable lemon wedge boats. To make them, cut a lemon in half and slice the bottom so it sits flat. Top with a toothpick that's covered in a triangle of patterned paper. Add a written name topper and your patriotic table is done!

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Red-White-and-Blue Donut Shortcakes


Donuts aren't just for breakfast! This party dessert hack is as easy as tossing a baker's dozen on the grill. Served the patriotic dessert with fresh whipped cream and a patriotic fruit salad.

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Star-Shaped Watermelon

star-shaped melon cutouts

Your Fourth of July party is no place to serve basic slices! Use one of our summer watermelon hacks and serve up juicy fresh watermelon in patriotic star shapes. Use a cookie cutter to get perfect shapes. Add them to your summer party spread or toss them into your favorite fruit salad recipe.

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