Eucalyptus Wreath

Salute America with this wreath of eucalyptus and dried flowers. The blue, pink, and cream color scheme strikes a patriotic note that's subtle but effective.

What You Need:

Try different colors of flowers for a fresh look.
  • 18-inch eucalyptus wreath
  • Design Master Blueberry spray paint
  • Hotmelt adhesive
  • Dried artemisia
  • 8 large (2- to 2-1/2-inch-diameter) strawflowers in cream, pink, and burgundy
  • 1 bunch each of pink and purple preserved or dried statice sinuata


1. Spray paint the wreath. After the paint dries, glue small bunches of artemisia into the wreath, following the direction of the eucalyptus stems. Arrange the bunches so they suggest fan-shape bouquets spaced evenly around the wreath.

2. Glue a strawflower at the base of each bouquet, alternating colors. Press the flowers firmly but gently to make sure they're well secured to the wreath base.

3. Assemble the statice sinuata into bunches, keeping the colors separate. Glue one bunch beside each strawflower, over the artemisia bouquets.


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