Here are the perfect caps for any time you want to say "I'm proud to be an American!" And these toppers are so quick and easy, the kids can join in the fun.

On model: White Hat. On hanger, left: Navy Blue Hat.
  • Red acrylic paint and brush
  • Decoupage medium
  • Red glitter
  • Gold glitter fabric paint
  • Assorted blue gems


1. Paint bill of hat red. Let dry.

2. Coat thoroughly with decoupage medium. Cover well with red glitter. Shake off extra glitter.

3. Use gold glitter fabric paint to embellish the hat with a generous spot of paint. Press blue gems into the paint. Let the paint dry. Add lines, squiggles, or other desired designs. Let dry.

What You Need for the Navy Blue Hat:

  • Red chiffon scarf
  • Star shape buttons
  • Needle and thread
  • Strand of white beads
  • White ribbon


1. Shape and twist a red chiffon scarf into a long strand with corners at opposite ends. Pull scarf through two gold star shape buttons.

2. Place scarf on hat, arranging buttons symmetrically on sides. From the inside, hand sew buttons to hat.

3. Wrap the scarf around the hat rim to the back. Slip both ends of the scarf into another button to hold in place.

4. Wind a strand of beads around red scarf. Tie strands of white ribbon in back around the star button. If desired, add more star buttons onto ends of red scarf.



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