Hang the words of Irving Berlin's patriotic song for all to enjoy. The sentimental score is boldly displayed on a subtle stars-and-stripes painted background.

A banner displays the words of "God Bless America."
  • Scissors
  • 14 x 22-inch piece of primed canvas
  • Candle and match
  • Pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Transfer paper
  • Medium flat brush
  • Acrylic paint red, blue, and white
  • White transparent gel stain
  • Ruled notebook paper
  • Ruler or T-square; cloth
  • Brown antiquing gel


1. Round off the corners of the canvas using scissors. Randomly cut several small notches along the edges.

2. Near a sink, use a burning candle to burn edges of canvas and create smoke marks. The canvas will burn easily.

3. Trace a flag pattern. Transfer the pattern to the right side of the canvas.

4. To paint the solid blue and red stripes, thin the paints with equal parts of water. The colors should be transparent when painted on the canvas. Let dry. Paint white stars over blue background. Let dry.

5. Paint white gel over the banner center, fading out toward the edges leaving the outer 2 inches unpainted. Let dry. Repeat if a lighter design is desired. Let dry.

6. Write the words "God Bless America" on notebook paper to use as a placement guide for the title. Tape the paper in position and make small, light pencil marks to indicate each base line. Remove the paper and draw in light pencil guidelines. Use a ruler or T-square to measure.

7. Lightly write in lyrics with pencil, line for line. Write over them with blue paint pen. Let dry. Wipe off pencil marks with a damp cloth.

8. Paint brown antiquing gel around edges. While the gel is slightly damp, gently wipe off some gel, leaving more brown in the corners and on the edges. Let dry.



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