Four Flags Quilt Block

Keep the star in the heart of the block in this patriotic quilt piece.
Celebrate America and keep warm with these patriotic quilts.

Use this Four Flags quilt-block template to create a lively and patriotic twin-size quilt.

Download the free patterns for this project (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software).

Four Flags Patterns

Adobe Acrobat

How to Construct This Block

Sew AAA unit (4 times). Sew BBB unit (4 times). Sew AAA unit to C piece (4 times). Sew BBB unit to AC unit (4 times). Sew bottom ABC unit to D piece, matching left edges. Working clockwise, sew ABC unit to ABCD (3 times). Applique E piece to center of D piece.

To Make a Bed Quilt

This quilt is designed to be a twin-size quilt measuring 69 x 93 inches. We have used a 3-inch plain border with setting squares made from the center of the block, the 3-inch Diamond and Stripes border, and 3-inch sashing strips with setting squares as shown.

Diamond and Stripes Border

This border is 3 inches wide and has a 4-1/2-inch repeat. Sew A and B together. Turn C on point. To the lower left edge, sew AB. To the opposite upper right edge, sew BA. The border is joined by sewing ABCBA units diagonally to each other for the corner unit -- sew D and B together. Sew DR and B together. Sew DBDRB together. To the B edges, add C. Sew the border strips to the quilt edge, stopping and starting 1/4-inch from each end of the quilt top. Miter the border strips. Note: Pattern C measures 3 inches diagonally.


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