Traditional Hanukkah Dinner

A classic Hanukkah is within your grasp, even if it's your first time hosting the holiday meal. From latkes and kugel to brisket and challah, this traditional Hanukkah dinner menu will spark old memories and new traditions (and leave only empty plates behind).

Light the menorah and host a traditional Hanukkah dinner any of the eight nights. Our classic holiday menu gives a hat tip to the importance of oil (latkes) and highlights other common Sabbath dishes like brisket, challah, and kugel.

The festival of lights has never been more delicious!

See how to set a stunning Hanukkah table in 10 simple steps.

Appetizer: Four-Step Latkes

Latkes are a traditional Hanukkah dinner item, and we love how versatile they are. This easy recipe is flavored simply with garlic and salt, but can be topped with applesauce, or remixed with sweet potato, beets, or carrots. 

Modern Upgrade: Instead of shredding potatoes, try spiralizing them for a showy texture that holds up well to toppings.

Get the recipe: Four-Step Latkes

Bread: Best Basic Challah

Save room on your Hanukkah table for a stunning braid of challah. If this is your first attempt, our how-to video along with the recipe will lead you to a perfect plait. Adventurous chefs can reach for our flavorful adaptations, such as garlic-herb, parmesan, or chocolate.

Tip: For sheen, brush the loaves with an egg wash before baking.

Get the recipe: Best Basic Challah

Fruit and Vegetable Side Dish: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Pancetta

Apples and honey are a common Jewish holiday meal pairing, and this sweet and savory side features both.

The medley of tender apple slices, caramelized Brussels sprouts, and crispy pancetta makes a simple but elegant side for your traditional Hanukkah dinner. A delicate honey-Dijon dressing is the final step for this Hanukkah side dish.

Get the recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Pancetta

Pasta: Jerusalem Noodle Kugel

The twist on this classic sweet kugel recipe is its shape. Instead of cooking in a rectangular dish, our noodle kugel is baked in a round springform pan. This way, it's easy to pop out and display on your Hanukkah dinner table! Garnish with fresh parsley leaves, then slice wedges like you would for a cheesecake.

Get the recipe: Jerusalem Noodle Kugel

Entree: Brisket with Ginger Orange Peel and Tomato

Brisket is a must for a traditional Hanukkah dinner. Simmering with orange and ginger (plus a cup of white wine) not only guarantees tenderness, but also adds bright flavor, which perfectly complements the rich cut of beef.

Our recipe calls for thyme, bay leaf, and parsley, but feel free to customize with any of your favorite herbs for roasting. Sage, rosemary, and oregano would be terrific options here as well.

Get the recipe: Brisket with Ginger Orange Peel and Tomato

Download our free Hanukkah wine labels to make DIY favors!

Dessert: Honey Pistachio Tart

Honey-sweetened treats are common on Hanukkah spreads. Here, honeyed pistachios laced with citrus juice are the star of this sweet and sophisticated Hanukkah dessert.

Put your stamp on your baked delight by arranging homemade egg pastry in the decadent design of your choice. Use a cookie cutter or pastry slicer to stamp out one of these options:

  • Overlapping stripes (pictured)
  • Stars
  • Triangles
  • Leaves
  • Hearts

Get the recipe: Honey Pistachio Tart

See how to make a picture-perfect lattice crust.

Our Top 8 Hannukah Cocktails

Make this traditional Hanukkah dinner one evening, then keep the celebration going all Hanukkah long. Put your mixology skills to good use and try a new cocktail each day for happy hour or an after-dinner drink!


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