29 Recipes to Serve During Hanukkah

Sweet Root Vegetable Kugel
Pick and choose from our favorite Hanukkah flavors to blend old and new traditions. These classic dishes, including challah, brisket, latkes, and more, feature festive new twists to help bring family together.

Beef Brisket with Dried Fruit

Brisket is a traditional food served during Hanukkah, and we have lots of brisket recipes to choose from. When it comes to tender, juicy brisket, don't hurry a good thing. Let the meat cook slowly with carrots, potatoes, and dried fruit for a mix of savory and sweet, then serve with a savory red wine sauce. The brisket's layer of fat, which is left on during cooking, keeps it extra moist.


Arugula-Fennel Salad

Hanukkah is a busy week. Make something fresh and fast, like this colorful dish. This salad gets its crisp-tender crunch from shaved fennel. Our editors love to sweeten the salad with pineapple and golden raisins. It also pairs well as a side salad


Jerusalem Noodle Kugel

Some people call it a pudding, some a casserole. We call it delicious. This yummy kugel recipe uses traditional noodles, but cracked pepper adds a savory element, while caramel makes this classic kugel sweet. Our editors top this Hanukkah side dish with fresh parsley for additional flavor.


4-Step Latkes

We'll show you how to make latkes in four easy steps with this recipe. Our tip: Fry these favorite potato pancakes last so they stay extra crispy during your Hanukkah dinner. Traditional latke recipes can be made with simple ingredients like garlic, salt, and russet potatoes, but you can also try modern latkes with our Sweet Potato Currant, Beet-Carrot, and Horseradish variations.


Pears with Pistachios

These roasted pears make a perfect last-minute fruit dessert. Too tired to make a holiday dinner and dessert, or just want to save your baking skills for traditional Hanukkah desserts? That's where this Mediterranean recipe comes in. It's great for a quick and easy dessert in the middle of the week. Make enough for treats the next day, too!

Best Basic Challah

Feeding a crowd? This easy challah recipe is your answer. Our recipe makes enough fluffy slices to serve 48. Keep it classic with our basic egg-brushed bread or satisfy any sweet cravings by trying our chocolate challah and cinnamon-sugar challah. You can even make your challah shaped like a star. Now that says Happy Challah-days! 


Spice- and Honey-Roasted Carrots

Save time on your Hanukkah side dishes by serving vegetables whole! This carrots are more sophisticated than a vegetable tray with dip. Flavored with cumin, hazelnuts, and honey, these roasted carrots are hard to resist. For a pretty display of color, swap regular carrots for rainbow carrots.


We can't resist this traditional Hanukkah dessert. Whether you choose fruit preserves or chocolate sufganiyot fillings, these fluffy donuts are a real holiday treat. Our editors sprinkle them with a dusting of powdered sugar, but you can also use homemade icing. 

Roast Vegetable Tsimmes with Apricots

This traditional Hanukkah side dish adds a big pop of flavor (and color!) to your Hanukkah menu. Made with fresh parsnips, beets, and sweet potatoes, you can flavor the veggies with olive oil, garlic cloves, Kosher salt, pepper, and paprika. Do it better with our guide to roasting vegetables.

Fruit Salad with Goat Cheese Coins

Looking for a side salad to serve at Hanukkah? This salad combines the sweet flavor of peaches with mixed greens, shallots, almonds, and a light vinaigrette. Don't forget the goat cheese coins! Coated in bread crumbs and rosemary then baked until golden, thin goat cheese slices add the perfect amount of creaminess to the rich salad. Unfamiliar with goat cheese? Check out our cheese guide.

Pear-Pistachio Cake

This delicious Hanukkah dessert is a mix of fresh fruit and sweet spices. It's one of our favorite pistachio Hanukkah recipes. Don't worry if you don't have a Bundt pan—our recipe can be adapted to bake in individual pans, too.

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Wine-Braised Beef Brisket

Try an old favorite Hanukkah dinner a new way. We switched out some basic ingredients in this Hanukkah brisket recipe for flavor enhancers. We think the red wine marinade makes this the best brisket recipe. This braised brisket recipe is also the perfect chance to try our Beef Brisket with Roasted Grapes

Never have another overdone brisket! Our Test Kitchen expert shows you the simple fork test that ensures that your meat is tender and ready for the dinner plate.

Beef Brisket Made Easy

Never overcook your beef brisket again. Watch as we show you how to cook beef brisket using our secret fork test that ensures juicy, tender meat that's ready for your Hanukkah menu.


Parsleyed Green Beans

What do you get with 2 teaspoons of garlic, a pinch of salt, and a dash of pepper? A favorite Hanukkah side dish. When you make these green beans, chop the garlic with a good pinch of salt—it will soak up the garlic flavor and transfer it to the beans. A bit of parsley on top adds extra flavor to your Hanukkah menu.

Chunky Applesauce

We're not sure how applesauce became a go-to Hanukkah food, but we're not complaining! You can make this simple applesauce ahead of time or in your slow cooker. Serve as its own treat or use as a healthy swap for traditional baking ingredients. Fresh thyme sprigs add a touch of sophistication to the traditional side dish. And have we mentioned it's a delicious dip for latkes?

Honey-Rosemary Angel Food Cake

Use a store-bought angel food cake, and this sweet treat is ready in less than 15 minutes. The fluffy whipped filling is made with mascarpone cheese, fresh rosemary, honey, and lemon juice.


This Polish and Russian vegetable soup recipe is low in calories and easy to make from onions, beets, and cabbage. Adjust the amount of sugar added depending on the sweetness of the beets, or add cranberries and potatoes for flavor variations.

Whole Wheat Challah

This rich bread is formed into a festive braid and sprinkled with sesame seeds for a classic look. Use a mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flours to keep the challah fluffy.

Cherry-Nut Rugelach

Update this traditional Jewish pastry with a sweet fruit filling of cherries, apricots, and walnuts. Cream cheese holds the flaky layers together.


Yes, you can bake with olive oil! This fresh and fruity cake will win you over instantly with its lemon-infused batter and fresh fruit topping.

Sweet potato, currants, and a mix of spices add sweetness and color to these potato cakes. These can be made in under 10 minutes from start to finish and pair well with applesauce. Try some of our other favorite sweet potato recipes, too.

Salmon with Matzo Crust

Although tied more closely to Passover, matzo can be enjoyed during Hanukkah as a crust on kosher fish. Combined with dill, crushed matzo provides a crunchy coating to the fish in this quick and easy dish.

Cauliflower-Curry Latkes

For a spicy version of the traditional Hanukkah pancake, add cauliflower, onion, curry, and coriander to the potato mix. Serve the latkes with homemade applesauce or a spoonful of crème fraîche.

Sweet Root Vegetable Kugel

This comforting casserole gets silky, nutty flavor from schmaltz, aka rendered chicken fat.

Hanukkah Cookies

On the hunt for freezer-friendly holiday cookies? This easy holiday dessert requires just 25 minutes of prep. The perfect dough for cookie cutters, kids will love these star and dreidel cutout cookies topped with homemade icing.

Waffle-Style Latkes

Perfect for breakfast during Hanukkah, these latkes are made in a waffle baker using hash browns. Top with sour cream, smoked salmon, and chives. If you don't have a waffle baker, it may be a great Hanukkah gift.

Good Ol' Babka

Make this swirly bread recipe in any flavor you want! We recommend trying cinnamon-streusel, hazelnut, and dried-fruit babka fillings.

Matzo Ball Soup

Baby, it's cold outside—so dish up a bowl of hot soup! You can glance through our favorite thickening soups, but for large gatherings, a pot of matzo ball soup can go a long way.

Bagel and Lox Pasta Salad

With smoked salmon and a warm caper dressing, this veggie-packed pasta salad is a playful riff on a brunch classic.

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