Hanukkah Recipes & Menus

Bring your family to the table with delicious Hanukkah recipes and menus.  You'll love our traditional slow-cooked Jewish brisket, classic Hanukkah latkes, and sweet challah bread. To round out your holiday meal, discover our Hanukkah side dish recipes and finish off with one of our Hanukkah desserts.

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13 Hanukkah Side Dishes So Tasty You’ll Want to Make Them the Main Event

A classic Hanukkah dinner menu is within your grasp, even if it's your first time hosting the holiday meal. From latkes and kugel to brisket and challah, these traditional Hanukkah side dish recipes will spark old memories and new traditions (and leave only empty plates behind).
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29 Recipes to Serve During Hanukkah

Pick and choose from our favorite Hanukkah flavors to blend old and new traditions. These classic dishes, including challah, brisket, latkes, and more, feature festive new twists to help bring family together.
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Try a Mix of New and Traditional Hanukkah Desserts

Celebrate Hanukkah with these delicious desserts, including dreidel-shape cakes, cutout cookies, and traditional treats.
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