13 Hanukkah Table Decor Ideas for an Elegant Holiday Display

Hanukkah Theme Blue Table Setting
Photo: Greg Scheidemann

Create a festive holiday table—complete with pretty Hanukkah centerpieces, napkin ideas, and decor in traditional blue and white—for your Hanukkah celebration. A little time spent setting the table makes the Hanukkah feast more magical.

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Star of David Place Settings

star of david place settings
Paul Brissman

Tie a few leafed branches into a Star of David shape for an inexpensive addition to your Hanukkah table. It makes a gorgeous statement atop bright plates and plain white cloth napkins ($10, Target). To make it, trim extra leaves from the stems, leaving a few leaves just at the tips. Stem-color twine keeps everything in place.

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Dramatic Table Runner and Napkins

dramatic blue table runner and napkins
Paul Brissman

Go for bold when shopping for a table runner and napkins. Tie-dyed designs make food and dishes pop, especially when paired with solid whites and blues. At the center of the table, a seasonal flower assortment (ours includes white calla lilies, seeded eucalyptus, and purple fountaingrass) sits in a shallow decorative tray so that it can be easily moved aside.

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3D Star of David Napkin Rings

Hanukkah Theme Blue Table Setting
Greg Scheidemann

Add a personal touch to your Hanukkah table with these DIY napkin rings. To give the napkin ring a 3D effect, hand draw the Star of David, then use a crafts knife ($5, Michaels) to cut out half the shape and fold along the centerline.

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DIY Concrete Marbled Menorah

make your own menorah concrete marbling
Adam Albright

This DIY faux-marble menorah is made with a separate concrete base for each candle. Spread the candles down the table for a lengthy centerpiece, or display all together in the center. We chose blue and white to dye our concrete, but you can pick any color scheme.

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Star of David Hanukkah Serving Dishes

Hanukkah Macaroons on serving platter
Greg Scheidemann

Skip purchasing dishes specifically for the holiday. Breathe new life into a plain white serving tray or cake pedestal with strips of foil tape ($3, Walmart). Cut strips thin and lay in Star of David pattern. To create sharp points, cut ends of the tape at an angle. When the treats are finished, the tape peels off effortlessly.

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Candle Centerpiece Idea

blue candle centerpiece with white flowers
Greg Scheidemann

Pretty, sparkling candles stand at attention in the center of your Hanukkah table. More foil tape and small glass cups do the legwork for this gorgeous centerpiece.

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Simple White-and-Blue Setting

simple white-and-blue setting
Kate Sears

Lighten up Hanukkah's traditional color scheme by introducing the signature blue in small doses, such as a casual striped cotton tablecloth, a star-embroidered napkin, and everyday china. Scatter the table with clear votive holders ($1, Michaels) filled with candles or white carnations.

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Personalized place Settings

blue and white menorah-inspired place setting display
Kim Cornelison

For a unique place card, set a small frame with each person's name on silver-and-blue wrapped boxes. This is a quick and easy way to add a personalized element to your table.

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Simple Napkin Grouping

simple blue napkin grouping
Steven McDonald

While waiting for hot latkes, guests can play for foil-wrapped chocolate gelt. Display by dressing pewter plates with blue napkins and sprinkling a few chocolates and small silver trinkets on top. In the center of the table, a dramatic silver candleholder flickers to attention.

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Fine China Table Setting

gold and blue fine china table setting
Perry L. Struse

Break out the fine china and crystal for an elegant Hanukkah evening celebration. On top of the formal place setting, present each guest with a thoughtful gift wrapped in rich blue and gold.

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Ribbon and Fabric Settings

ribbon and fabric settings blue and gold
Iain Bagwell

Ribbon is an inexpensive embellishment that adds the perfect touch. Run a scarf of pretty blues down the center of the table, then tie blue-and-white napkins at each place setting with ribbon featuring a decorative edge of beads and coins. Wrap small plastic boxes with pieces of decorative ribbon and fill them with foil-wrapped chocolate coins ($12, Party City).

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Menorah-Inspired Display

Hanukkah Blue Candles on table
Greg Scheidemann

For a unique menorah, set glass tea-light holders on a tray with a single taper candle in the center. Fill the tea-light holders with water (add blue food coloring for an extra-festive touch) and secure the candleholders to the tray with double-stick tape so they don't shift around.

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Star of David Place Mat and Napkin

star of david place mat and napkin
Scott Little

These elegant holiday table accessories treat your guests to a feast for the eyes. Woven strips of cloth give the place mat a rich texture. The coordinating napkin further sets off each place setting.

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