Hanukkah Napkin Ring

Having guests over for Hanukkah? Make these colorful napkin rings for the occasion.

A variety of bead shapes and colors gives each of these napkin rings it's own personality. Although we've chosen a traditional blue color palette, you could use any color that coordinates with your tableware.

See below for acomplete material list and instructions for this project.

What You Need:

  • 24-gauge silver wire
  • 16-gauge silver wire
  • Seed beads: size 6/0 variegated bright blue, size 8/0 cobalt silver-lined, and size 11/0 cobalt
  • Specialty beads: size 8/0 purple iridescent hex-cut, cobalt and white iridescent leaves, aqua wafers, and light-blue teardrops
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Needle, toothpicks, or skewer


1. Cut a 24-inch length of 24-gauge wire for the bottom triangle. Bend wire in half so it is double-layered. Bend the looped end several times around needle-nose pliers.

2. Slide the variegated bright blue and cobalt silver-lined seed beads onto the wire, alternating the beads until the beaded area measures 9 inches. Form the beaded wire into a 3-inch triangle and twist ends together. Trim excess wire and flatten cut ends.

3. Cut an 11-inch length from the 16-gauge wire for the top triangle. Form wire into a 3-inch triangle and twist ends together. Flatten ends; trim excess wire.

4. Cut six 12-inch lengths of 24-gauge wire. Offset and overlap the two triangles, having the wire triangle on top of the beaded triangle. Use the 24-gauge wire pieces to tie the two triangles together where they intersect.

5. Using the remaining beads randomly, slide beads onto the "tie" wires and wrap around the 16-gauge wire triangle. Occasionally, wrap the "tie" wire several times around a needle, toothpick or skewer, coiling the wire, and then continue wrapping the wire around the triangle.

6. Cut a 5-inch length of 24-gauge wire. Wrap one wire end around an intersection of the triangles. Wrap the other end around the opposite intersection, forming the napkin ring.


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