Handmade Hanukkah Decorations

Prepare your home for Hanukkah celebrations with these elegant crafts for the season.

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    Banner Days

    Vibrant felt and blue-and-white ribbons attached with glue pair up for a warm welcome at the front door. Fold over the top edge of felt and stitch or glue to create a pocket for a dowel. Use stick-on letters to spell out a message on grosgrain ribbon to drape over the banner.

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    Wrapped in Light

    Create your own Hanukkah menorah with glass tea-light holders set on wrapped boxes. Secure candleholders with double-sided tape.

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    Hanukkah Celebration

    This cheery table setting uses the traditional colors--blue and white--of Hanukkah.

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    First-Class Dining

    Welcome guests with personalized place settings. Beaded napkin rings and elegant place cards enhance the gelt-sprinkled tablescape.

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    Gilded Hanukkah Tree

    Hang pairs of chocolate gelt and golden dreidels as ornaments from a stick-style tree.

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    Quick Sparkle Wraps

    Give your Hanukkah gifts special shine with glitter. Glue on shaped glitter or sprinkle it into a clear cello bag, right along with your gift. Sheer ribbon or tulle complete the look.

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    Paper Dreidel

    Gather family or friends for a few rounds of the traditional Hanukkah game of dreidel. A pencil gives the card-stock box its spinning ability.

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    Six-Point Star Hanger

    Beads, card stock, and ribbon make up this six-point star that will welcome guests into your home.

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    Blessing and Songbook

    Create a songbook for a sing-along that tells the story of Hanukkah. Decorate the book with stars and torn strips of paper.

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    Spin for Gold

    Gather family and friends to spin the dreidel in this traditional Hanukkah game. A pencil gives the card-stock box its spinning ability.

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    Greeting with Light

    Unfold the joy of the season with this menorah-inspired accordion card for your mantel or tabletop. Decorate blue and navy squares with sliver accents, buttons, and wire.

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    Wrapped with Light

    Create your own Hanukkah menorah, or Hanukkah, with glass tea-light holders set on wrapped boxes. Secure candle holders with double-stick tape.

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    Coined Inspired Table

    Gelt, foil-wrapped chocolate coins, inspired this table for Hanukkah. Wrap napkins with bead-and-coin-festooned ribbon, use a scarf as a table runner, and dress up simple plastic boxes of gelt with ribbon.

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    Hanukkah Party Favor

    Your holiday guests will long remember these little handmade packages. Each bundle includes a dreidel and a personalized bag.

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    Dreidel Gift Box

    Give a gift in style with these small boxes designed to look like a traditional Jewish dreidel. They're simple to make from card stock.

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    Mantel Scarf

    Focus attention on the traditions of Hanukkah with a tabletop or mantel display of six-pointed stars, Hanukkah gelt, and dreidels.

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    Hanukkah Boxwood and Statice Star Centerpiece

    This centerpiece beautifully frames the menorah, a symbol of the Festival of Lights. Boxwood and statice are formed into a Star of David that envelops your menorah, turning it into an inspiring holiday centerpiece.

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    Organza Bags

    These translucent bags add shimmer to your gift exchanges. Fabric-stiffening liquid is the secret ingredient that gives the organza cloth extra body.

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    Pencil-and-Paper Dreidels

    This is an easy way to make the traditional spinning top out of everyday materials. Kids craft the dreidels from paper decorated with four Hebrew letters. Our project instructions even include a traditional game the kids can play.

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    Wood Menorah

    Light up your holiday celebrations with these colorful painted candleholders. They are created using simple wooden shapes, like spools, wheels, and beads, available at crafts shops.

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    Gelt Bags

    Give the gift of gelt in these attractive silver organza bags. Construction is so simple, a child can help. Fill them with candy gelt, coins, or other small gifts.

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    Paper Dreidel Garland

    This lively paper garland makes for a happy Hanukkah celebration. The dreidels are constructed from colorful paper, then decorated with Hebrew letters. Our exclusive pattern makes creating this project quick and simple.

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