15 Simple DIY Hanukkah Decorations to Make This Year

candies inside of hanukkah envelopes
Photo: Adam Albright

Prepare your home for Hanukkah celebrations with these elegant crafts for the season. These easy Hanukkah decorations will add a homemade and heartfelt touch to your holiday.

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Modern Menorah from Concrete

make your own menorah concrete marbling
Adam Albright

Make this faux marble menorah from concrete, a free template mold, and colored dye! You pick what dye to use in your own personalized marbled menorah. Gray and silver would create a faux-marble look for an affordable price, but we went with traditional blue and white.

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DIY Hanukkah Tablesettings

blue and white dip-dyed Hanukkah tablescape and people
Paul Brissman

This dip-dye table runner uses the traditional colors—blue and white—of Hanukkah. Make matching dip-dye napkins to finish your DIY Hanukkah table settings. Then, all that's left to do is prepare the Hanukkah menu.

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Wrapped in Light

hanukkah tea light menorah
Iain Bagwell

Create your own Hanukkah menorah with glass tea-light holders ($11 for 12, Walmart) set on wrapped boxes. Secure candleholders with double-sided tape and light each candle on its corresponding day.

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DIY Hanukkah Garland

blue hanukkah decor with white flower and candle
Greg Scheidemann

We wrapped a hurricane vase in paper and decorated with aluminum foil tape ($3, Walmart) to add a simple update to the mantle, then hung this easy DIY Hanukkah garland. We made colorful paper cutouts with stamped patterns. Glue a short string to each end of the cutout and connect to form a chain.

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Handmade Hanukkah Giftwrap

Hanukkah Themed Blue Gift Boxes
Adam Albright

You have eight nights of gifts to give, and eight nights to try a new homemade Hanukkah gift wrap! We have a free template to make your own paper and stamps, DIY gift bows, and fun Star of David gift tags.

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Layered Sand Menorah

handmade Hanukkah menorahs in multi colored jars on shelf against purple background
Eight candles represent eight nights. The center candle, the shamash, lights the others. Aaron Dyer

Jars layered with colorful sand serve as the base for this colorful DIY menorah. Tip the jar slightly while filling to create interesting slanted layers. Finish with silver straws topped with yellow paper or ribbon or use simple taper candles ($7 for 12, Target).

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Paper Hanukkah Napkin Rings

Hanukkah Theme Blue Table Setting
Greg Scheidemann

These paper napkin rings add a personal touch to your Hanukkah table decorations. You can hand draw the Star of David or use a stamp. To create a 3D design, cut out half the shape then fold along the center line. This easy DIY napkin ring would also go well with our other Hanukkah tablescapes.

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Easy Candle Display

Hanukkah Blue Candles on table
Greg Scheidemann

This non-traditional take on a candle display is super easy and a great way to bring oil into your Hanukkah tradition. This floating candle display can replace a menorah—all you need to create this DIY Hanukkah decoration are tea lights ($4, Target), oil, colored dye, and water.

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Hanukkah Serving Tray

Hanukkah Macaroons on serving platter
Greg Scheidemann

Upgrade a plain white serving tray or cake pedestal for the holiday with strips of foil tape. Cut thin strips and stick in the shape of a Star of David. To create sharp points, cut the ends of the tape at an angle. The tape peels off effortlessly when you're done! Easy!

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First-Class Dining

hanukkah table setting beaded napkin ring
Jay Wilde

Welcome guests with simple personalized place settings. Beaded napkin rings and elegant place cards enhance the over-the-top tablescape. Don't forget to sprinkle the table with foil-covered chocolate coins ($12, Party City), also known as gelt.

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Gilded Hanukkah Tree

Gilded Hanukkah Tree
Jay Wilde

Create a festive Hanukkah centerpiece using just a few inexpensive materials. Hang pairs of chocolate gelt and wood dreidels ($16 for 12, Oriental Trading Co.) as ornaments from a tabletop stick tree.

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Banner Days

blue handing Hanukkah banner on front door
Iain Bagwell

Vibrant felt and blue-and-white ribbons attached with glue pair up for a warm welcome at the front door. Fold over the top edge of felt and stitch or glue to create a pocket for a wood dowel. Use stick-on letters to spell out a message on grosgrain ribbon to drape over the banner.

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Coined Inspired Table

hanukkah table setting with gold coins and deep blue scarf
Iain Bagwell

Gelt—foil-wrapped chocolate coins—inspired this table for Hanukkah. Wrap napkins with bead-and-coin-festooned ribbon, use a scarf as a table runner and finish the Hanukkah decorations by dressing up simple plastic boxes of gelt with ribbon.

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Blessing and Songbook

DIY Hanukkah blessing and songbook atop piano keys
Dean Tanner

Create a songbook for a sing-along that tells the story of Hanukkah. Decorate the book with Star of David stickers and patterned scrapbook paper. As part of your celebration, gather the family around the piano (or a speaker!) and have everyone sing along.

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Greeting with Light

hanukkah menorah-inspired accordion card on mantel
Peter Krumhardt

Unfold the joy of the season with this menorah-inspired accordion card for your mantel or Hanukkah tabletop. Decorate blue and navy squares with sliver accents, buttons, and wire.

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