Reflect upon the season and create our colorful beaded candleholder.

Colorful beads sparkle by candlelight.
  • Beading wire (available in crafts and discount stores)
  • Wire cutters
  • Glass or plastic beads as desired
  • Glass votive candleholder
  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks


1. Cut a piece of wire approximately 36 inches long.

2. Place one bead on the end of the wire, threading the wire through the bead a second time to secure. String beads on wire as desired, securing last bead as for the first.

3. Wrap beaded wire around candleholder to determine the placement. If you desire more length, simply cut and bead an extra length of wire.

4. Secure one end of beaded wire with glue at the top edge of the candleholder. Wrap the beaded wire or wires around the candleholder, securing with glue about every inch.

More Ideas:

  • To cover a larger candleholder with beaded wire, simply make several lengths and glue in the same manner as for the small votive candleholder.
  • Try this same idea threading miscellaneous jewelry findings, shells, and shank buttons onto the wire.
  • If desired, select beads in seasonal colors. Add them to the wire in 6-inch lengths of one color, or mix them up for a mottled effect.