Give your holiday gifts a special shine with these easy DIY gift wrap ideas for Hanukkah.

By Margaret Curry

You have eight nights of gifts to give, which means eight nights to try new ways to present your Hanukkah gifts with extra style. Some of these gift wrap ideas require nothing more than a piece of paper, like the easy origami Star of David gift tag. You can make your own stamps (instructions below) and decorate tags, ribbon, or even wrapping paper, or to create other DIY Hanukkah decorations.

Make DIY Hanukkah wrapping paper

Stamp designs on paper using simple shapes cut from foam sheets and rubber. You can recreate this wrapping paper using cream or white paper with blue ink. A small paintbrush, toothpick, cotton swab, or dowel tip works to make the candle flames on the menorah. Find the full instructions in our free how-to below.

Download the Free How-to

Make a Wrapping Paper Bag

You need: Wrapping paper cut to 8½x11 inches, double-stick tape, and decorative tape (like washi). Follow the steps shown in the images in our free downloadable guide, below.

To make the bag:

  1. Fold the two long sides of the paper to the center, overlapping by ½ inch. Secure with double-stick tape.
  2. Fold the bottom up 2 inches to crease; unfold.
  3. Fold in the left and right corners to the crease line. Unfold, then press at center to open as shown in guide.
  4. Fold the top and bottom edges of the opening so they overlap by ½ inch and secure with double-stick tape.

Add a DIY gift bow

Once the present is wrapped, it's time to dress it up with a beautiful ribbon bow that you make for a personal touch. (Here is how to make a tiered bow.) Pick something that complements the wrapping paper like this two-tone bow  or make one of our easy handmade gift bows. Using a wide ribbon you can also make a pom-pom bow or make a chrysanthemum bow using a few simple cuts.

Add Tradition as Decoration

Use traditional Hanukkah elements and gifts as part of your gift wrap. Dreidels can be tied on with a gift tag and ribbon. Or chocolate gelt can be attached to strips of ribbon or decorative tape using adhesive dots for a fun and tasty gift wrap decoration.

Make a gift envelope

Take the math out of making these envelopes with a Fiskars Gifting Board. Make these easy gift envelopes and boxes with the gifting board, scrapbooking paper, double-stick tape, and decorative stickers. You can also download our free printable paper designs below then print them onto cardstock or plain paper.

For the box or outside of an envelope, follow the directions provided with the gifting board. For the envelope lining, repeat the steps for an envelope, except trim ½ inch off all sides then punch corners using the gifting board. (We used a contrasting paper in the envelopes to elevate the gifts.) Secure the lining to the envelope using double-stick tape. Fold around a gift, and you're done.

Download the Free How-to

Cut a Wrapping Paper Star of David

For this cut-and-fold detail, you'll want to use a paper that looks pretty on its front and back. 

Cut wrapping paper to fit the gift then wrap it without securing in place. (We are just creasing the edges as a guide.) Remove the wrapping paper. Locate the section that will cover the box top. On the backside of this portion of the paper, draw a hexagon centered on the paper or draw one using our easy, free downloadable pattern below.

Draw diagonal lines in the hexagon to create six triangles. Cut along lines using a crafts knife. Fold the triangles to the outside, creasing the fold for a crisp edge. Cut a piece of contrasting or decorative gift wrap about the same size as the box top. Tape it inside the wrapping paper to cover the opening, then wrap the gift.

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Make an Origami Star of David Tag

Using scrapbook paper and our free downloadable how-to, make this origami Star of David as a gift topper. Cut paper to 13"x6". Follow folding instructions in the free how-to below. Dashed lines indicate folds to be made, creased, then unfolded. Solid lines indicate folds to be made, creased, and left folded.

Editor's Tip: The key to this craft is sharp creases. Use a bone folder for sharpe folds.

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Dreidel Shaped Gift Box

Good things come in nice packages.

Give this dreidel-shape gift box a spin as a gift box. Download, print, and cut out the free patterns below. Use the box pattern to cut one or more boxes from cardstock. Cut the dreidel markings from the self-adhesive paper, then adhere to the boxes as decoration. You can also draw on the symbols using markers and the patterns as your guide.

Fold the box along the score lines and glue the tabs to secure the pointed end panels. Fill with small gifts and glue the tabs on the flat end to secure. Add a bow to the flat end, if desired.

Download the Free Pattern


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