Liven up a mantel, doorway, window, or banister during Hanukkah with this festive garland.

  • Colorful heavyweight papers, such as construction paper or card stock
  • Crafts knife and self-healing mat (a piece of glass may be substituted for the mat)
  • Straightedge
  • Rubber cement or tacky crafts glue
  • Acrylic paints and small brushes (optional)
  • Heavy darning needle
  • Silver cord for stringing


1. Download the pattern. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.) Enlarge the pattern to scale. Cut out dreidels and handles along the solid lines only. Make enough dreidels to fill the garland, leaving several inches between each dreidel. Trace the Hebrew letters onto the dreidels and paint them with acrylic paints, or cut out the letters from contrasting paper and glue them in place.

[button-pdf id="546377" title="Paper Dreidel Pattern" /]

Download Adobe Acrobat

2. Place a dreidel and handle right side up on the self-healing mat or glass. Using a straightedge and crafts knife, lightly score along all the dotted lines. Cut less than halfway through the paper. Fold along each of the fold lines. Unfold the dreidel.

3. For the dreidel: Apply glue to the side flap, refold the dreidel into a square shape. Apply glue to the side flaps and fold the end into a point.

4. For the handle: Apply glue to the side flap, fold the handle into a box, and glue the flap in place. Fold the top down, fold the flap under, and glue the flap in place. After the glue dries, pierce through opposing sides with a heavy darning needle to create holes for stringing. Fold the lower flaps under and glue them to the center of the dreidel top.

5. Thread the cord onto the darning needle and carefully string dreidels onto the cord. If desired, place small knots in the cord to keep the dreidels from sliding as they hang.