Layers of texture and shape give this contemporary Hanukkah greeting card a bold look.

Layers of card stock, shapes, text, and metal help this handcrafted Hanukkah greeting card stand out from the rest. Designed especially for display, it's sure to become a treasured keepsake for your lucky recipient.

Tools and Materials

  • Star pattern (see download link below)
  • Textured card stock in three shades of blue
  • Needle and light blue thread
  • Letter stamps and black ink pad
  • 1-1/4-inch round tag
  • Crystal lacquer
  • 1/8-inch hole punch
  • Eyelet and eyelet setting tool
  • Glue
  • 7/16-inch circle craft punch
  • White card stock
  • 8 small conchos (available at craft stores)
  • Blue crafts fibers
Layered Star pattern


Download, print, and cut out the star pattern.

Fold an 8-x-5-3/4-inch piece of blue card stock in half to make a 5-3/4-x-4-inch card. Transfer the star pattern to dark blue card stock and cut out. Cut slightly larger mats with medium and light blue card stock.

Hand-stitch around the smallest star using light blue thread. Use black ink to stamp "Happy" on a 1-1/4-inch round tag. Coat the tag with crystal lacquer and allow to dry.

Punch a 1/8-inch hole near the top of the stitched star and attach the round tag by setting an eyelet in the hole. Layer the stars and adhere them as shown.

Punch eight 7/16-inch circles out of white card stock and stamp a letter on each one, spelling out "Hanukkah." Insert a stamped circle into a small concho. String fibers across the bottom of the card and secure the ends to the back of the front panel. Press the conchos into the card on top of the fibers and flatten the prongs on the back. Coat the stamped circles with two layers of crystal lacquer.