Little gift boxes in the shape of a dreidel

Good things come in nice packages.

Give a gift in style with these small boxes designed to look like a traditional Jewish dreidel. Each box has room for a some Hanukkah gelt, small candies, or other tiny treats.


  • Patterns for dreidel box and symbols (see download link below)
  • Card stock (your choice of colors; we used metallic blue and silver)
  • Scissors
  • Self-adhesive paper in contrast colors (we used metalic blue and gold)
  • Markers (optional)
  • Bow (optional)


Download, print, and cut out the patterns (see link).

Use the box pattern to cut one or more boxes from card stock. Use the patterns for the symbols to cut the shapes from the self-adhesive paper, then adhere them to the boxes. Or, use markers to add the symbols, using the patterns as your guide.

Fold the box along the score lines and glue the tabs to secure the pointed end panels. Fill with small gifts and glue the tabs on the flat end to secure. Add a bow to the flat end, if desired.

[button-pdf id="550530" title="Dreidel Gift Box Pattern" /]