These DIY Hanukkah crafts are an easy way to add homemade holiday decorations to your celebration. Choose one of our easy homemade Hanukkah gift wrap designs to wrap and tag your Hanukkah gifts, or pick one of our Hanukkah wine labels for a 10-second special touch.

By Hannah Bruneman

There is more to Hanukkah than a menorah. This holiday season, step up your celebrations with one of these eight Hanukkah DIY projects! From dreidel-inspired crafts to gorgeous tablescapes, your home could be decked out in blue and white in no time. Plus, most of these are fun and easy to do as a family activity! Check out our fabulous ideas below:

Hanukkah means it's time for the menorah, dreidels, and gelt.

1. DIY Menorah

This simple DIY concrete and copper menorah makes a modern holiday decoration. You pick what dye to use to create your own personalized marbled menorah. We used white and blue, the traditional Hanukkah colors, but a mix of grey and silver could create an affordable faux-marble menorah.

2. Beautiful Tablescape with Dip-Dye Tablecloth

The only thing better than gathering the whole family around the dinner table is gathering together the gorgeous table decor. We love this DIY tie-dye table runner. This holiday, get ready to truly impress your guests with a blue and white table setting they'll remember. Check out more of our favorite Hanukkah table settings.

3. Hanukkah Wine Labels

Don't forget the hostess gift! Even if this small detail does slip your mind, we've made it extra easy for you to cover your tracks. Grab an unopened bottle of wine from around the house and print out one of our free downloadable Hanukkah wine labels. Your host will love it!

4. Simple Hanukkah Decorative Garland

It's the centerpiece of the family room, so be sure to dress up your mantel with this DIY Hanukkah decor! We used a hurricane vase wrapped in paper and decorated with aluminum foil tape to hold flowers or candles, then hung this simple DIY Hanukkah garland. Colorful paper cutouts with stamped patterns give this garland unique textures. Glue a short string to each end of the cutout and connect to form a chain. Using patterned paper we cut out dreidels, then stamped a Star of David using a triangle stamp.

5. DIY Gift Wrap

You have eight nights of gifts to give, which means eight nights to try a new homemade Hanukkah gift wrap! Some of these holiday gift wrap ideas require nothing more than a piece of paper, like the easy origami Star of David gift tag. Wrap your Hanukkah gifts in style with the help of our free downloadable how-to guides and templates.

6. Paper Dreidel Garland

You don't need a tree to have a garland! This beautiful Hanukkah garland drapes around the fireplace mantel in the most elegant, festive way. We love the soft colors on this one and the varying sizes of the dreidels.

7. Star of David Napkin Rings

Add a small touch to your Hanukkah table setting with these simple paper napkin rings. You can hand draw the Star of David or use a stamp. We used the free stamp how-to from our Hanukkah giftwrap. To finish the napkin ring, cut out half the shape, then fold along the center line to create a 3-D design. This easy DIY napkin ring would also go well with our other Hanukkah tablescapes.

8. Easy Hanukkah Candle Display

This easy Hanukkah candle display uses blue dye, oil, water, and tealights to create a menorah-inspired centerpiece. Make it in three simple steps!