8 Amazing Crafts That Will Make Your Hanukkah Unforgettable

There is more to Hanukkah than a menorah!

There is more to Hanukkah than a menorah. This holiday season, step up your celebrations with one of these eight Hanukkah DIY projects! From dreidel-inspired crafts to gorgeous tablescapes, your home could be decked out in blue and white in no time. Plus, most of these are fun and easy to do as a family activity! Check out our fabulous ideas below:

1. Dreidel Gift Box

This year, give gelt in style with these adorable dreidel gift boxes. Nieces and nephews will love these and you'll love how simple they are. With our easy-to-follow dreidel pattern, you'll be done with these before the latkes are on the table!

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2. Beautiful Tablescape

The only thing better than gathering the whole family around the dinner table is gathering together the gorgeous table decor. This holiday, get ready to truly impress your guests with a blue and white table setting they'll remember. We love this tie-dye table runner!

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3. Hanukkah Wine Labels

Don't forget the hostess gift! Even if this small detail does slip your mind, we've made it extra easy for you to cover your tracks. Grab an unopened bottle of wine from around the house and print out one of our free downloadable Hanukkah wine labels. Your host will love it!

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4. Mantel Scarf

It's the centerpiece of the family room, so be sure to dress up your mantel with some Hanukkah decor! We draped ours in blue and silver napkins along with beads, candles, and dreidels. Just make sure no one eats all the chocolate gelt before the holiday is over!

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5. Hanukkah Charm Napkin Rings

Do you remember making beaded jewelry as a kid? It was so much fun! Beaded napkin rings are the grown-up version of this nostalgic craft and can easily be holiday-themed with the right colors and charms.

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6. Paper Dreidel Garland

You don't need a tree to have a garland! This beautiful Hanukkah garland drapes around the fireplace mantel in the most elegant, festive way. We love the soft colors on this one and the varying sizes of the dreidels.

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7. Stripes and Stars Hanukkah Card

For friends and family celebrating from afar, send out these stunning DIY Hanukkah cards. Homemade is so much more meaningful than a card from the grocery store, plus you can customize the message inside for an extra special touch.

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8. Easy Hanukkah Candle Display


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