This DIY Menorah Uses Marbled Concrete for a Modern Twist

Help this year's celebration glow a little brighter with a make-your-own menorah from marbled concrete.

make your own menorah concrete marbling
Photo: Adam Albright

Give your Hanukkah celebration a personal touch by making your own menorah. The custom centerpiece should only take about a day to complete, and all of the supplies should be easily found at your local home improvement store.

This simple DIY menorah uses concrete and copper to create a modern holiday decoration. You pick what dye to use in your own personalized marbled menorah. We used white and blue, traditional Hanukkah colors, but a mix of gray and silver would create a faux-marble look for an affordable price. The individual candle bases allow you to customize how much space your menorah occupies. Set them close together on windowsills, in a straight line on mantelpieces or side tables, or across your Hanukkah dinner table as a centerpiece.

How to Make a Menorah

Follow these simple how-to instructions to first create the mold for your concrete menorah base, then color and set your menorah. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the concrete setting times.

What You Need

  • Free template
  • Stencil film
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape
  • White outdoor cement
  • Grout pigment (We used white and two shades of blue.)
  • Spoons
  • Bowl
  • Skewer
  • 1/4-inch foam adhesive circles
  • Nine 1/4-inch copper couplings
  • Candles
mold to make a menorah from concrete

Adam Albright

Step 1: Make the Mold

Trace the free downloadable mold pattern onto stencil film and cut out. Crease along each line on the film. Using packing tape, tape the edges of the opposite ends together, then tape the flap closed to create a flat bottom. The packing tape and stencil film form a watertight mold. Repeat for a total of eight candles and one larger shamash (the candle used to light the others).

marbled concrete base for hanukkah menorah

Adam Albright

Step 2: Mold and Dye the Concrete

Now it's time to actually make your menorah. Blend white outdoor cement following the manufacturer’s instructions. Divide the cement into small bowls, one for each color of grout pigment (we used white and two different shades of blue). Stir in the grout pigment to color the cement, then spoon small amounts of each colored mixture into the molds, leaving 1/8-inch space at the top. Slowly swirl the mixtures together using a skewer. Do not blend thoroughly; you want streaks of color to create the marbled effect.

Place a foam adhesive circle into one end of each copper coupling to act as a stopper. Submerge the couplings foam side down about halfway into the filled mold. Let dry 24 hours before removing the mold.

make your own menorah concrete marbling
Adam Albright

Step 3: Display Your DIY Menorah

Remove the packaging tape and film to reveal the marble bases. Set up the menorah with the shamash in the center and four bases on each side.

Lighting a menorah is simple: Add a candle each night, starting with the shamash and the farthest right candle. Each candle is lit from the shamash. On the first night of Hanukkah light the farthest right candle, and on the second night of Hanukkah, place a new candle next to it and light that candle first before lighting the first night's candle.

Editor's Tip: Now that you know how to light a menorah, remember to add candles from right to left, but light candles from left to right.

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