Handmade Hanukkah Cards and Paper Crafts

Celebrate the holidays with cards and party invitations custom crafted to suit your needs and tastes. Each project includes a complete materials list, instructions, and patterns.

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    Star of David Card

    Send warm wishes to friends and family with a Star of David card that can be made in minutes using eyelets and silver thread.

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    Hanukkah Party Favor

    Your holiday guests will long remember these little handmade packages. Each bundle includes a dreidel and a personalized tag.

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    Dreidel Gift Box

    Give a gift in style with these small boxes designed to look like traditional Jewish dreidels. They're simple to make from card stock.

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    Embossed Stars Hanukkah Card

    Dimensional six-pointed stars help this Hanukkah greeting card stand out. Crafted in card stock, embossing powder, and plastic mesh, this project can be completed in short order.

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    Pencil-and-Paper Dreidels

    Use everyday materials to craft these easy-to-make spinning tops. Kids can make the dreidels from paper decorated with Hebrew letters. Our project instructions even include a traditional game for the kids to play.

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    A Merry Melody

    For a playful page, this scrapbooker incorporated a song by comedian Adam Sandler into her journaling. She paired a black-and-white photo with bright colors for impact and wrote a subtitle, rather than lots of text, to keep the layout simple.

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    Mirrored Image

    Duplicate an element from your photo. Made from a small length of ribbon and four sequins, the "i" in the title mirrors the look of the candles.

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    Silver Embellishments

    Use cutout letters, shapes, silver embellishments, and ribbon to add layers and clever decorative elements.

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    Less is More

    When you create cards, think in simple shapes and basic colors. The design comes alive when you add wonderful textures and intricate, but simple to do, wire-and-beadwork motif.

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    Menorah Greeting Card

    Craft this Hanukkah greeting card and watch the recipient's eyes light up. It's easy to make from card stock, paper, and a few inexpensive crafts supplies.

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    Stripes and Stars Hanukkah Card

    Create a contemporary Hanukkah greeting card with vellum strips and brads. Card stock, punched stars, and few simple crafts supplies complete the project.

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    Layered-Star Hanukkah Card

    Layers of texture and shape give this contemporary Hanukkah greeting card a bold look. It's made from basic crafts supplies and destined to be a favorite among your recipients.

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    Hanukkah Slider Card

    Put a spin on the traditional Hanukkah card by making a slider card with a coordinating sleeve. This unique card is constructed with common crafts materials, including card stock, punched stars, ribbon, beads, and wire.

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    Laced Hanukkah Card

    Even the youngest card maker can "sew" up this stylish Star of David greeting. The card is crafted in card stock and ribbon and has a clean, contemporary look.

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    Invitation for a Hanukkah Gathering

    Invite guests to join you for Hanukkah festivities with this handsome invitation. A vellum overlay provides a homey stage for the handwritten details atop a colorful menorah.

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    Nine Candles Hanukkah Invitation

    Bugle beads form a menorah on this clever Hanukkah invitation. Velvet cording frames both the menorah and the wording, giving the papers an elegant touch.

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