Easy Father's Day Recipes Dad Will Love

Fresh Peach Ice Cream
Making a good meal is a great way to treat Dad on Father's Day. He'll love celebrating the day with these delicious food gifts. Check out these Father's Day recipes for dad day food inspiration. There are meals for every dad: the breakfast lover, the meat-and-potatoes guy, the beer dude, and more.

Beer-Braised Chicken Tacos

As Dad knows, there are many ways to enjoy a beer: at a ballgame, on a porch swing, in an armchair—and in a taco. The chicken in these tacos is boiled with beer, adding flavor and juiciness. Jalapenos, salsa, and cabbage finish each corn-wrapped bite. He'll love this party-ready Mexican recipe that goes way beyond the glass.

Whiskey Barrel Burgers

Whiskey and burgers. That sounds like a great Father's Day dinner. So why not combine the two? The whiskey is incorporated in an oozy cheddar burger filling. This Father's Day burger is savory, ooey gooey, and a new summer favorite. Fire up the grill!

Stout-Soaked Porterhouse with Beer Butter

Is your dad the epitome of a man's man? This is the dinner for him. It stars beef, soaked in a dark stout, and topped with more beer. Father's Day isn't the day to force Dad to eat more veggies, it's a day for treating him. Let him eat his steak and beer; he can have a salad tomorrow.

Five-Spice Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are always a fan favorite and the perfect Father's Day recipe. Add a flavorful touch with five-spice. Five-spice is often used in Chinese and Chinese-inspired dishes. This is nice way to make your dad a homemade dinner with a takeout flair. These wings are mostly cooked in a slow cooker, so you get to spend more time with Dad on Father's Day instead of in the kitchen.

Grilled Pork Chops with Bacon and Tomato

Mmmmm...bacon! Salty bacon, combined with garlic and onions, makes a delicious jam to top meaty pork chops. Father's Day falls right in the middle of grilling season, so fire up the grill and show Dad that he has passed on his grill master skills.

Breakfast Biscuit Stacks

These sandwiches are a warm, down-home start to Father's Day breakfast. Homemade biscuits, freshly fried chicken, all smothered in gravy—it doesn't get much better than that. Admittedly, each batch of sandwiches takes a bit of time to make, so this might be more of a Father's Day brunch than a breakfast.

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips is the ultimate pub fare. Create an at-home pub for Dad on Father's Day. In addition to frying up some beer-battered fish, pour up a pint, and flip the telly to sports. Don't forget the tartar sauce and malt vinegar. Although the British serve their beer warm, your dad might prefer his glass frosted.

Scandinavian Steak and Potatoes

Father's Day is a special day; give everyday meat and potatoes a fancy touch. The Scandinavian flavors come from lemon, dill weed, tarragon, and caraway seeds. Our recipe makes four servings, so treat the whole family to a classy homemade Father's Day meal. It's the perfect occasion for Dad to have the whole family around one dinner table.

Bacon Cheeseburgers with Kentucky Bourbon Sauce

These burgers are special enough for Father's Day, but casual enough that they work for a comfortable and fun day in the sun. Liquid smoke and mesquite chips infuse the beef with that summertime grilled flavor. Dad isn't going to say no to bourbon, even if it is on top of a burger. While the grill is going, pour Dad a whiskey.

Italian Beef Sirloin Sandwiches

Slow cookers are a lifesaver. Treat Dad to an Italian beef sandwich that doesn't take you all day to make. Italian salad dressing mix and Italian seasoning means these sandwiches are easy and semi-homemade. A 4-pound beef sirloin (or rolled rump roast) makes 10 to 12 sandwiches, so Dad will have plenty of leftovers for Monday's lunch at work.

Classic Nachos

A plate of nachos and a ballgame to watch: Does Dad really want much more than that? Make the base of chips, beef, beans, and salsa, and let Dad choose his own toppings. Some popular picks include green onion, fresh cilantro, jalapenos, and sour cream.

Chocolate-Dipped Bacon

Is your dad a die hard bacon lover? Then why does bacon have to just be for breakfast? A quick chocolate dip pushes bacon right into dessert territory. Brown sugar's sweetness pulls out the complementary saltiness in bacon. Baked bacon is the key to a crispy chocolate treat. Cashews or pistachios add another level of crunch.

Salted Caramel-Chocolate Bourbon Cupcakes

These are rich! Bittersweet chocolate and unsweetened chocolate keep these from being sickeningly sweet. Salted caramel, made with bourbon, adds layers of flavor to chocolate cake. This is the perfect Father's Day dessert for the dad who loves a chocolate treat. Our recipe makes 32 cupcakes, which is enough for Dad to take to work on Monday so he can brag about having the best Father's Day ever.

Peach Ice Cream

If your dad is not a big chocolate guy, make a Father's Day dessert that is light and summery. June is great for fresh peaches, and you only need five to whip this dish up. If you would rather spend time with your family on Father's Day, versus working away in the kitchen, make this ice cream the day before. After four hours in the ice cream freezer, the entire batch can be stored in the freezer.

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