22 Homemade Gifts for Dad That Make Father's Day All About Him

Father's Day Gift Tags

Show Dad your appreciation with these fun homemade Father's Day gifts. From creative puns to thoughtful sentiments, these easy DIY gifts for Dad are a thoughtful way to say "I love you."

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Leather Grill Tools

leather wrapped grill utensils
Dana Borremans

We love these leather-wrapped grill utensils because they're so easy to make! Start with purchased tools, then wrap the handles with leather cord for a DIY Father's Day gift that comes together in minutes.

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Father's Day Whiskey Tag

father's day whiskey gift
Brie Passano

Give Dad something he'll enjoy sipping: whiskey. All you have to do is print and cut our free label and attach it to his favorite bottle. The whole gift takes just a few minutes to put together, which means it's a perfect last-minute Father's Day gift for any Dad who loves a good cocktail.

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Science-Theme Gift

science theme pillows
Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Turn to the periodic table for inspiration for this DIY Father's Day gift idea. These handmade pillowcases are perfect for the dads who love to help with every science project and know their hydrogen from helium.

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Game Night Kit

Game Night Kit mason jar
Carson Downing

Organize a family game night and give Dad this adorable kit in a jar. Place cards, dice, snacks, and other game night essentials into a large glass jar and use colored string to attach our free printable tag.

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Punny Father's Day Card

Punny Father's Day Card
Carson Downing

Pick the perfect card to accompany Dad's gift. This ice pop-theme card fills the bill perfectly! All you have to do is print the free card and add a greeting or thoughtful Father's Day quote.

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Outdoor Cooler

Bottles in wooden ice chest in garden
Adam Albright

If your dad loves to throw backyard barbecues, it's time to channel your inner woodworker. Wooden slats upgrade a basic cooler to make it a gorgeous patio party essential. An attached bottle opener is the finishing touch that makes this cooler perfect for any summer soiree.

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Father's Day Gift Tags

Father's Day Gift Tags

Once you find the best gift for dad, you'll need the perfect way to wrap it. Pick one of our free printable gift tags to top dad's present. He'll love the gift—and the added special touch!

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Kid's Coloring Card

Kid's Coloring Dad Card
Carson Downing

This punny printable is perfect for the dad who loves to fish. Use our free download to create a card. Then set the kids loose with crayons or markers to create the cutest homemade Father's Day card!

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Gardening Gift

Tool cleaning station
Marty Baldwin

This is a quick and easy Father's Day gift—but Dad doesn't have to know that! If your dad loves to work in the yard, make him a tool cleaning station. All you need is a bucket, some sand, and motor oil.

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Homemade Grill Seasoning

Toasted Meat Seasoning
Andy Lyons

If your dad is a total grill master, he might already have all the tools he needs—but he can always use more seasoning! Use our homemade seasoning recipes to make your own unique spice blends that dad can use next time he fires up the grill for a family barbecue.

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DIY Garden Markers

herb garden markers
Jacob Fox

If Dad spends a lot of time in the garden, make him a practical Father's Day gift he can use each time he tends to the flower beds or vegetable patch. These adorable plant markers are easy to make from clay and alphabet stamps and they're seriously adorable when packaged with his favorite seed packet!

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Felt Wine Bag

Felt Wine Bag
Blaine Moats

For the Dad who loves a good bottle of wine, try out your sewing skills and make him a felt wine carrier. This easy Father's Day gift comes together in just three steps: Wrap felt around the bottle, add a circular base, and a thin strip of felt for the handle. Attach all three with hot glue. Dad will think of you each time he takes a bottle to a gathering!

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Stamped Luggage Tag

jet set luggage tag

Make this personalized Father's Day gift for any dad who loves to travel. Use paint and leather stamps to add his name or a sweet phrase to a cut leather luggage tag. It's time to plan your next family vacation!

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Movie Night Kit

movie night snack jar gift
Carson Downing

This Father's Day, give him an experience he'll cherish for years to come. This gift doubles as a fun family night, packed full of all Dad's favorite things. Grab a big jar or container and fill it with all his favorite movies, candies, and popcorn toppings. Then, gather the kids and snuggle up on the couch for a night in.

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Vintage Leather Passport Holder

opened homemade leather wallet
Carson Downing

Turn a vintage leather bag into a one-of-a-kind passport holder for a dad who loves to travel. We used a Cricut machine to add a personalized design to the front of a stitched leather cover. Don't have access to a Cricut? Use purchased or hand-cut vinyl letters to decorate the front cover.

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Wood Silhouette Map

Silhouette Map Wall Mount
Jay Wilde

If you're ready to break out the hammer and nails to make Dad's Father's Day gift, this project is for you. Create a silhouette map using a variety of plywood boards and a router. You don't have to create something as large-scale as the whole United States—use this technique to create a set of small states that are close to his heart.

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Best Dad in the Galaxy Card

Best Dad in the Galaxy greeting card
Carson Downing

No gift for dad is complete without a fun Father's Day card, and we love this galaxy-theme option. Download and print our free design and fold into a card shape. Add a sweet greeting and pop into an envelope!

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Dyed Muddler

DIY muddler gift
Dana Borremans

If your Dad is a cocktail connoisseur, his own personalized muddler makes the perfect gift. And since the muddler is made by cutting a French rolling pin in half, it's super easy to make a second Father's Day gift for grandpa or another father figure. All you have to do is sand the cut end of the rolling pin and use a natural stain (we made ours from beets!) to color the wood.

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DIY Coasters

personalized set of instrumental coasters
Steven McDonald

Give Dad a personalized set of coasters decorated in a theme he'll love. Purchase blank porcelain coasters and use stickers or cut shapes as stencils. To make the white coasters with colored shapes, start by painting the coasters a solid color; when the paint is dry, add a sticker to the top and paint over the whole coaster with white. When the second coat is dry, remove the sticker to reveal the shape. To make the coasters with white shapes in the center, place a sticker on a plain white coaster. Paint over the top with a solid color and remove the sticker once the coaster is dry.

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Father's Day Coupons

Father's Day Coupons with thread and scissors on white background

Let the kids come up with their own gifts by filling out an adorable set of Father's Day coupons! Download our free printable coupons and print and cut out before letting the kids write in their own ideas! These coupons are perfect for sticking inside a Father's Day card.

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Personalized Clay Bowl

Personalized dish for dad
Lucy Schaeffer

Give Dad an adorable catchall bowl for his desk or nightstand. Make this personalized Father's Day gift from air-dry clay, and use rubber stamps to spell out a word or message inside. Fill in the stamped area with craft paint and decoupage the bottom of the dish once the paint is dry.

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Decorated Photo Frame

Decorated Photo Frame
Mark S Peterson

Dad will love this homemade Father's Day craft idea. To make this hand-drawn photo gift, purchase a square frame and cut a piece of cardstock to fit perfectly inside. Glue a square photo into the center of the paper and decorate the frame with text, pictures, and small drawings. Dad will appreciate the sentiment behind the photo as well as the decorations!

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