Celebrate deserving dads with these thoughtful and meaningful presents. These are our favorite Father's Day gift ideas for every kind of dad.

By Amy Palanjian
Updated March 29, 2021
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It's almost Father’s Day, which means it's the perfect time to get ready to celebrate all of the best men in your life including dads, grandpas, husbands, and partners. You can make this holiday a memorable one with a unique Father's Day gift that shows you're paying attention to what he needs and wants—to show appreciation for all he does!

With gifts that range from camping gear to customized art and photo books, we've rounded up our favorite thoughtful, sentimental, and fun Father's Day gifts. Whether he's celebrating his first Father's Day or is a seasoned dad who simply deserves a day to be honored, we have you covered with all of the best dad gift ideas. (P.S. Father's Day is June 20 this year.)

yoda best dad mug gift
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / PLBStore

Best Dad Mug

Satisfy his love for a good pun and good coffee all at the same time with this "Yoda Best Dad" mug. It's a funny Father's Day gift for all dads, but particularly those with a soft spot for Star Wars. Pair it with a package of his favorite whole coffee beans for a customized Father's Day gift basket he'll truly enjoy.

Buy It: Best Dad Mug ($15, Etsy)

New York Times mini crosswords book
Credit: Courtesy of World Market

Crossword Puzzle Book

There aren’t enough words to express what your dad means to you--so let him fill in the blanks! Perfect for dads who love brain teasers, this book of 150 crossword puzzles will keep him entertained on a long car ride or a lazy Sunday afternoon. Plus, this 6-inch book is small enough to fit in a briefcase or pocket for easy travel.

hot air popper
Credit: Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Popcorn Maker

This hot air popcorn maker is the perfect Father’s Day gift for your Pop. Capable of making up to 15 cups of popcorn at a time, the machine is easy to use and delivers a tasty snack in less than 5 minutes. Plus, with these popcorn recipes that are way better than the movie theaters, dad can enjoy a delicious snack whenever he likes.

insulated tourit cooler backpack
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Cooler Backpack

Hit the picnic circuit this summer with a unique Father's Day gift for your best man. We love that this cooler backpack is durable and water-resistant; it can keep your classic picnic food hot or cold for up to 16 hours, is leak-resistant, and even has compartments for a laptop and water bottle. Choose from three colors to suit his style.

stainless steel city maps
Credit: Courtesy of The Grommet

Stainless Steel Map

Help him update his wall art with this super cool stainless map. It comes framed in matte-finished wood with plexiglass for protection and is ready to display. All you need to do is choose a city—think hometowns or cities you've visited together—and this unique Father's Day gift is ready to give.

best dad ever phone case
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / tmbrwood

Best Dad Phone Case

Let dad show off his parenting cred with an engraved wooden iPhone case. Your "Best Dad Ever" will appreciate the kudos each time he picks up his phone, and he'll love having a little extra protection for one of his most-used possessions—especially if the kids are prone to playing with it.

nat geo 100 parks book cover
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

100 Parks Book

Share travel inspiration with this beautiful National Geographic book filled with stunning images of 100 parks—and 5,000 images of where and when to go and what to do when you get there. We love the idea of perusing this together to plan a family vacation for the coming year or just to do a little armchair traveling when wanderlust strikes.

grandpa established mug
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / MikaMugs

Grandpa Mug

Give a newly minted grandpa a mug to show off his new status with this sentimental Father's Day gift. You can personalize the date to reflect the year he first became "grandpa" and choose from two sizes—11-ounce and 15-ounce—to customize his coffee drinking experience. (P.S. This is also a perfect pregnancy reveal Father's Day gift for grandpa!)

Buy It: Grandpa Mug ($14, Etsy)

barbecue tool 6-piece gift set
Credit: Courtesy of World Market

6-Piece Barbecue Tool Set

Help dad take his grilling next level with this handy set. With a grill fork, knife, tongs, slotted spatula, and a small cutting board that are all stored neatly in a carrying case, this BBQ set is perfect for grilling up backyard barbeque recipes, camping, or tailgating. We love the modern aesthetic, and that it's a great motivation for dad to cook dinner!

beer brewing kit fathers day gift
Credit: Courtesy of Brewferm

Craft Beer Brewing Kit

Give him a kit that will satisfy his craft beer cravings for months to come with this Father's Day gift from Brewferm. The kit contains everything he needs to brew his own beer, including the fermenting bucket and all the tools he'll need. You pick his favorite flavor and let him do the rest!

what I love about dad book
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Fill-In Book

Work with the kids to fill in the blanks and show dad just how much he is appreciated. You can make the answers funny or sweet, and include inside jokes too. This is a great way to capture the moment in your family's life—in a format that's actually easy to complete in time for dad's special day.

funny golf socksz
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Golf Socks

This funny Father's Day golf gift is ideal for the guy who loves golf–both playing and watching it on TV. He'll get a kick out of this practical gift—and the low price point makes it a great one for the kids to spend their hard-earned pennies on.

Buy It: Funny Golf Socks ($12, Amazon)

leather monogrammed wallet
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / minjing

Personalized Wallet

This monogrammed wallet will mean even more to dad when he sees your personalized note engraved inside. At 4 inches tall when closed, it’s a practical yet meaningful reminder to your dad of how much you love him. Choose between six monogram styles to appear on the front of the billfold, then add a short note inside to completely personalize the gift.

white tabletop planter
Credit: Courtesy of West Elm

Tabletop Planter

Whether he has a green thumb or not, dad will definitely want to display these tabletop planters in his office. Available in both large and small sizes, the simple earthenware pots are great for growing any type of houseplant. Since studies have shown that a desk plant can lower stress, you’re basically giving him the gift of relaxation.

four bars of soap
Credit: Courtesy of World Market

Gentlemen Bar Soap

Moisturizing, check. Bay rum fragrance, check. Funny design that's perfect for him, check! This everyday soap is made with shea butter for ultimate softness and is paraben-free for clean grooming. It's a perfect gift to give on its own, or as part of a Father's Day gift basket with other skincare essentials.

White candle with black writing on it sitting next to a pile of books
Credit: Courtesy of Homesick

Homesick Candle

Even if he's not overly sentimental, Dad will appreciate this nod to his hometown. Homesick candles are available for all 50 states, 8 countries, and 43 cities, so you can choose the one that represents him best. Or, give him a candle from the 'Memories' line to commemorate activities he enjoys doing with the kids; Backyard BBQ, Road Trip, and Friday Night Football are some of our favorites.

Buy It: State Candle ($27, Homesick)

Man's hand holding a small black and silver
Credit: Courtesy of The Home Depot

Universal Remote

If dad loves a good tech gift, look no further than this universal remote from Genie. Dad can program it for up to four garages or gates, so rather than having to sort through multiple openers, he can access them all with this one easy-to-use device. The remote comes with a visor clip for the car, a keychain attachment, and an easy-grip rubber edge so it's easy to use wherever dad takes it.

Costa Rican Coffee
Credit: Courtesy of World Market

Costa Rican Coffee

This 3-pack of specialty coffee is one of the best Father's Day gifts for the coffee connoisseur in your life. You could even add it to a basket with other kitchen essentials such as a French press and coffee grinder. The Costa Rican coffee has undertones of lemon with balanced acidity and a full body to help wake him up in the morning. And, the medium-dark roast comes in the whole bean, so it can be ground at home for optimum freshness.

golf putt trainer
Credit: Courtesy of The Grommet

Pressure Putt Trainer

If dad is looking to improve his golf game, give him a little extra practice with this putting ramp. With awards from Golf Digest, the ramp is designed to reject bad putts and return good ones, so dad can work on his accuracy both on and off the green. 

Maestro's Beard Butter
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Beard Butter

This hydrating beard cream is a great Father's Day gift for those who deserve a little TLC. Plus, it soothes itchy skin, feels lightweight, and has a scent blend featuring grapefruit, black pepper, and bergamot that you'll both love. Gift it on its own, or pair it with his other favorite grooming products.

Buy It: Beard Butter Blend ($13, Target)


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