Download and print our free Father's Day coupon books to help your kids create their own memorable gift for dad.

By BH&G Holiday Editors
Updated April 14, 2020
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Our printable Father's Day coupons are an easy way to craft a DIY gift for dad. Attach one or two coupons to his Father's Day gift instead of a traditional Father's Day card—or, create a whole coupon book and use it as a sweet stand-alone gift. We have coupons for everything—movie dates, hugs, lunch dates, ice cream, even breakfast in bed. Of course, you can make the gift even sweeter by having the kids come up with their own coupon ideas and adding them in with the printable designs. Once you’re ready to create the coupon book, help your kids print them and cut them out.

How to Make a Father's Day Coupon Book

Supplies Needed

Printable coupons
  • Printable coupons
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons
  • Colorful cardstock
  • Hole punch
  • String or twine

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these simple how-to directions to assemble your DIY Father's Day coupon book. You should be able to complete this project in under 30 minutes (even with the kids' help)!

Step 1: Print and Cut Coupons

To give dad a whole book of redeemable gifts, print and cut each coupon so they're all the same size. Use our printable coupon templates for the whole book, or completely customize your book by adding a few of your own. To make your own coupons, cut blank paper in the same size as the printed coupons and have the kids decorate the papers with markers or crayons.

Step 2: Assemble Book Covers

When all your coupons are ready, use heavy cardstock (such as Value Pack Cardstock, $5.99, Michaels) to make sturdy front and back covers for your book. Cut two pieces of cardstock to measure slightly larger than the coupons, and let the kids decorate each piece with drawings or words about dad. Use the two cardstock pieces as front and back covers of the coupon book, sandwiching the coupons in between.

Step 3: Secure the Coupon Book

Once the covers are decorated, it's time to assemble the coupon book. Line up the left edges of the cardstock covers with the coupons and use staples or string to secure the book. If you use string to attach the pages, you'll need a hole punch, such as One-Hole Punch, $1.99, Target, to punch through all the pages once they're lined up. Once all the pages are attached, this DIY gift is ready. Dad will love tearing out each coupon as he uses them!


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