Have fun getting your hands messy with these mugs.

Dad can wrap his hands around a personalized coffee mug from his kids with this simple DIY Father's Day gift. Using a little paint and the proper coating, you can make this handprint gift for Father's Day in no time. Add a child's handprint, their name, and the year to create a sentimental gift that he can use long after the kids grow up. They're so easy to make that you'll be a pro after making just one, so you can easily make a second mug as a Father's Day gift for grandpa, too!

Hand-Warming Mug

How to Make a Father's Day Mug

What You Need

  • Ceramic mug
  • Enamel paint surface conditioner
  • Enamel paint
  • Clear gloss glaze
  • Paintbrushes

Step-By-Step Instructions

Follow our easy DIY instructions to make a personalized coffee mug for Father's Day. This mug requires drying time, and depending on the paint, may need more than a week before it can be used.

Step 1: Prep Your Surface

Before you begin painting, wash your ceramic mug with soap and water, then rinse well and let dry. While the mug is drying, set out newspapers or another protective material over your work surface.

Step 2: Prime Before Painting

Before you paint your design, apply a surface conditioner to the mug to help the paint adhere to the surface. Use a flat brush to apply a coat of conditioner to the outside of the mug. Let the conditioner dry before you try to paint your mug. Do not touch the cleaned and prepared surface.

Step 3: Apply Handprint

To add the child's handprint to the mug, help them apply paint to the entire surface of their palm. Shake the paint bottle well and squeeze a dime-size dot of paint into the clean palm of your child's hand. Use the flat brush to spread the paint, completely covering the entire palm and fingers. To make a good handprint, the paint should be fairly thick.

Once their hand is covered in paint, have them place their hand on the surface of the mug. Have them keep still while you press their palm and fingers down to create a complete handprint. Then have them lift their hand straight up from the mug to avoid smears. You may want to have a washcloth or paper towels on hand to wipe up the majority of the paint before they wash their hands.

Step 4: Apply Protective Gloss

To add the child's name or the date to the mug, use a thin brush to write their name with enamel paint. Let the paint of the words and the handprint dry completely. When the design is completely dry, use a clean flat brush to apply a coat of clear gloss glaze over the painted surface. Let the glaze dry for one hour and apply a second coat. Wait 10 days before using or washing the mug, or the paint may come off.


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