Father's Day Crafts Kids Can Make

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Give Dad a keepsake Father's Day craft handmade by his kids. These DIY gifts include works of art as well as more practical items, such as gardening supplies and a travel kit. Dad will love the thought that goes into each one of these Father's Day crafts for kids.

Printable Tie Cards

This printable fill-in-the-blank activity sheet is the perfect Father's Day craft for younger kids. Print and cut out the tie shapes, then let the kids use crayons or colored pencils to fill in their answers and sign their name at the bottom. It's an easy Father's Day gift Dad will love!

Stamped Clay Bowl

Create a simple clay dish to hold Dad's keys, loose change, or other pocket trinkets, then dress it up with a sweet message of love. Form the bowl from air-dry clay, and use small rubber stamps to spell out "Dad." Stamp or draw a small heart to embellish, then seal the whole thing with decoupage glue. (You can find it in crafts stores.)

Movie Night in a Jar

Give Dad a DIY Father's Day gift that keeps on giving. This movie night in a jar project is easy to put together, and it's a great way to plan some fun family time. Find a large jar, and let the kids pick what goes into it; a new movie, Dad's favorite candy, and different flavors of popcorn are all great fillers. Add a ribbon and one of our free printable tags, and Dad's gift is ready!

String Art for Dad

Pick a short word or monogram and create this decorative art for Father's Day. Cut letters from paper in your desired size and place on a piece of painted plywood. Tap nails every 1⁄2 inch around the perimeter of each letter. Remove 
the paper letters. Using thin string 
or embroidery floss, tie a triple knot around one nail and begin weaving string diagonally from nail to nail to fill in centers of the letters. Knot at the end when finished.

Handprint Keychain

Preserve a moment in time with a keepsake that will go everywhere Dad does. Hayley of Grey House Harbor used shrink plastic, a few basic jewelry supplies, and her kids' palm prints to make a Father's Day gift that's sure to be treasured.

Fond Memories Frame for Dad

Celebrate a specific memory with Dad this Father's Day. Buy an inexpensive frame and matching mat from your local crafts store. Let the kids write their favorite things to do with Dad around the edges of the mat, leaving room for a picture. Frame and give to Dad for Father's Day.

Fill-in-the-Blanks Coloring Pages

For kids who love to draw, this is the perfect homemade Father's Day gift. Print our free coloring pages and set the kids loose with crayons or colored pencils. Dad will love seeing how they decorated the pages and answered the questions on the activity sheet.

Concrete Pencil Holder

Make Dad a stylish desk accessory that's as tough as he is. Little ones can make this copper pipe and concrete combo craft, but they'll need help with mixing the concrete and prepping the forms.

Punny Coloring Card

You've found the perfect gift, now you need a card for Dad. He'll love this funny Father's Day card. It's easy too; just print, color and fold! 

Easy Bottle-Cap Magnets

Vintage bottle caps (found in antiques and thrift stores) or caps saved from Dad's favorite brews make a perfect Father's Day gift when turned into magnets for the fridge. Kids can easily help with the task by picking out the bottle caps and (if they're old enough) helping you hot-glue small magnets onto the backs of the caps.

Coffee-Lovers Gift

For a dad who loves coffee, this coffee-in-a-jar project is the perfect gift! Take the kids on a shopping trip to pick out all things small and coffee-related; instant coffee packets, whole beans, flavored syrup, and small chocolates or snacks are all perfect for a large java jar. Dad will think about this gift every day as he makes his morning coffee.

Shrink Plastic Cuff Links

If you're looking for a gift for a classically dressed dad, try these one-of-a-kind cuff links from the blog Creative Green Living. Let your little Picasso decorate disks of shrink plastic, then pop it in the oven and watch the magic! A few additional supplies found at a crafts store will help you complete the project.

Printable Father's Day Coupons

Let kids take the reins when it comes to choosing gifts for Dad with easy-to-make Father's Day coupons. Give kids a pen and a stack of our downloadable coupons, and have them come up with fun ideas to write on the coupons. Cut out the cover page, punch a hole in the upper left-hand corner of each coupon, and secure them together with a brad or ribbon. 

Drop-and-Go Bowl

Kids and parents alike will have fun making this melty bead project for a Father's Day gift. Spray the inside of an oven-safe bowl with nonstick cooking spray, then line it with one layer of plastic meltable beads (available at crafts stores).

Editor's Note: The decorative bowl is
 not food-safe.

Dad-Only Sketchbook

Even tech-savvy Dads make lists and keep notes, so give them a personalized Father's Day craft that takes just minutes to create. Purchase pocket-size notebooks and alphabet stamps (available at crafts stores). Squeeze a line of fabric block-printing ink or paint onto a paint palette or a piece of waxed paper taped to a flat surface. Use a 2-inch hard rubber brayer or flat 1/4- to 1/2-inch-wide acrylic paintbrush to spread the ink and create a thin, uniform layer. Select the letters needed, then apply color to each one individually by pressing it into the ink, then onto the notebook, spacing the letters as desired.

Elevate your at-home bar display with these easy-to-make rock bottle stoppers!

Geode Wine Stoppers

Cool geodes (available at hobby stores and often at children's science museums) make eye-catching Father's Day wine stoppers. Watch and learn how to make them.

Papier-Mache Bowl

Dad's keys just got a new storage spot. Create a handmade bowl by turning over a mixing bowl and covering it with plastic wrap (this will protect the bowl from glue). Make a mixture of equal parts white glue and water, then dip 1-inch-wide strips of paper in the mixture. Form the strips around the bowl (remember to lay strips facedown on the bowl for the inside of your new bowl; lay strips faceup for the outside). We used one layer of blueprints for the inside of the bowl and two layers of yellow-gold scrapbook paper for the outside of the bowl. Make sure you use a total of three layers to create a sturdy craft.

When happy with the look, let it dry. Remove the plastic wrap and bowl, and smooth any rough edges with fine-grit sandpaper.

Customize a plain terra-cotta pot with a paint dipping technique that's easy and a quick way to turn a basic piece into a trendy accessory for your home.

Personalize a Terra-Cotta Container

Let your kids customize a crafty container for Father's Day with this simple, trendy technique.


T-Shirt Pillows

Reuse Dad's old college or sports tees to make cool keepsake pillows for Father's Day. Cut the T-shirt fabric to the desired size, allowing for 1/4-inch seams. Sew with the wrong sides together, making sure to leave an opening to fill. Use filling or forms to stuff the pillow; sew closed (push the filling to the bottom of the pillow and feed the unfinished edge through the sewing machine). Get creative with your design—different sizes, multiple shirts on one pillow, and embellishments can personalize the gift.

Kid's Artwork Silhouette Decoration

Don't know what to do with abstract finger paintings from the little ones? Turn one into a neat silhouette as a crafty Father's Day gift from the both of you. Take a photo of your child's profile and print out. Trace around the image with a black marker. Set a sheet of paper on top of the photo and trace a clean outline. Place this paper under a sheet of thick white watercolor paper. Hold the papers up to a brightly lit window, and trace the silhouette with a pencil onto the watercolor paper; cut out with a crafts knife. Mount it on top of your child's painting, then frame.

Father's Day Paperweight

Help Dad keep his desk tidy with one of these colorful paperweights made from stones and fabric scraps. Gather a few smooth, round stones from the yard, and decoupage fabric scraps onto them; let dry. Embellish with letter stickers for added pizzazz.

Scrappy Self-Portrait

Give Dad an artistic picture this year instead of the expected photo in a frame. Cut leftover scrapbook paper in colors that match skin tone, hair, and eyes into small pieces. Have your child sketch an outline of himself or herself on heavy paper, then fill in the outline with the paper scraps for a colorful self-portrait mosaic.

Dad Rocks Picture Frame

Tell Dad just how awesome he is with this handmade Father's Day gift kids of all ages can make. Simply dress up a plain purchased frame with some rocks attached with a strong adhesive, and finish with a custom-colored message. Natalie of Katarina's Paperie even provides a free printable for the frame message on her blog.  

Colorful Custom Canvas

Let kids do what they love most and create a one-of-a-kind work of art that Dad will cherish every day with this easy handmade Father's Day gift idea from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Simply use stickers to block off sections of the canvas and let the painting being. Then peel off the stickers to reveal the message.

Garage Storage for Dad

Up for a DIY project that Dad will get tons of use out of? Purchase enough pegboard to cover a large portion of your garage walls. Paint the whole thing white for a clean look. Tape off squares to designate hanging spots for bins and tools. Either surprise Dad on Father's Day with a completed and hung system, or gift him with containers and hooks and let him designate an organization structure.

Etched Drink Glass

Hands off Dad's whiskey! Make a Father's Day gift he can enjoy over and over by creating a set of custom cocktail glasses using etching cream and a few basic supplies.

Office Supplies Holder

Help Dad keep his desk supplies neat with this eco-friendly organizer made from recycled potato chip canisters. Wrap clean, empty canisters with adhesive shelf paper. Apply a strip of contact cement or silicone-type adhesive down one side of a container, and adhere it horizontally to another. Continue stacking and joining the containers until the desired size unit is achieved.

Simple Coaster Set

Decoupage maps or special items—such as photos, ticket stubs, or artwork—onto square tiles to make a one-of-a-kind set of drink coasters for Father's Day. Back the tiles with felt to keep them from scratching surfaces.

Ruler Pencil Cup

If Dad happens to be a teacher—or simply likes to measure things—make him this school-inspired pencil cup. You can repurpose old rulers for a vintage vibe or replicate with new, colorful versions for an update on this classic look.

"I Love Daddy" Photo Cube

For a cute and crafty Father's Day gift idea, show off the kids with a photo-packed cube collage. Choose photographs of your favorite memories, cards written by the kids, or images of Dad's favorite activities to decorate the display.

DIY Travel Kit

Turn Dad's go-to travel kit into a just-for-him Father's Day gift bag emblazoned with a personal message and new supplies. Squeeze a line of fabric block printing ink or paint onto a paint palette or a piece of waxed paper taped to an even surface. Use a hard rubber brayer or paintbrush to spread the ink and create a thin, uniform layer. Select the letters you'll need, then apply color to each one individually by pressing it into the ink or paint, then onto the bag, spacing the letters as desired.

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