The kids will love working on these fun (and free!) Father's Day coloring pages.

Our free Father's Day coloring pages make a quick and easy sentimental gift for Dad. Include them as part of your homemade Father's Day gift, or use one of our fun designs as the front of a homemade Father's Day card he's sure to love. Plus, they double as a fun activity for the kids: Download and print our free sheets and set the kids loose with markers, colored pencils, or crayons.

To turn one of our free coloring sheets into a homemade card, just use your printer settings to scale down the design to fit. And if you need help with what to write in the card, these Father's Day quotes can help you get started. However you choose to give them to him, Dad is sure to love this easy and thoughtful Father's Day gift!

Father's Day Activity Coloring Page

Set the kids loose with markers, crayons, or colored pencils and our adorable Father's Day activity sheet. This design features fun coloring page elements, as well as a sentimental fill-in-the-blank section that makes this page perfect for Father's Day. Dad will love reading each item listed, and he'll be able to keep this page as a keepsake for years to come.

Get the free Father's Day activity page.
coloring pages for Father's Day
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Dad is Rad Coloring Page

We love the idea of turning a coloring page into a homemade Father's Day card. Our printable 'Dad is Rad' coloring page comes as a full-size page, but we've also included a version that is small enough to cut and paste to the front of a homemade card. Have the kids use washable markers to color their own version of the page, and let each child give dad their own personalized card. Do the same with the 'Why I Love Dad' page for an extra special Father's Day card!

Get the free Rad Dad Father's Day coloring page. Get the free Why I Love Dad Father's Day coloring page.
Father’s Day Cards
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Father's Day Fishing Coloring Page

This adorable coloring page doubles as a homemade Father's Day card! The design is already sized to fit, so all you have to do is print it on white cardstock, color it, and then fold it into a card. Or, trim the blank side to create a smaller coloring sheet.

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printable fathers day fill-in sheets
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Number 1 Dad Coloring Page

List all the reasons why you love your dad, then color the first place ribbon. Bonus points for illustrating each reason! Include this as part of your card, or incorporate it into a DIY Father's Day gift like a coupon book. Dad will appreciate this sweet sentiment no matter how you gift it to him!

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fathers day printable tie cards
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Father's Day Tie Coloring Page

List your favorite things to do with dad, then use crayons to color the Father's Day tie template. Kids are known for having funny and unexpected answers, so he'll love reading the answers—and this coloring page will turn into a treasured gift!

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