The perfect Father's Day card for dad is just a click away. Print out one of our free cards to accompany his gift.

By BH&G Holiday Editors
Updated April 16, 2020

Every Dad deserves a sweet card on his big day. Sure, you could buy his Father's Day card, but our easy free printables make it easy to create your own card in minutes. Plus, since you can download and print it at home, it makes a great addition to a last-minute Father’s Day gift. Choose a card that doubles as a coloring page (he’ll cherish the hand-colored element!), or opt for a card with a good dad joke on the front. Whether you're giving him a homemade Father's Day gift or going the store-bought route, he'll appreciate the addition of a card you picked just for him.

Fishing Father's Day Card

Perfect for the dad who loves to fish, this adorable coloring card will grab his heart—hook, line, and sinker. Print this as a foldable card, or print as a full-size coloring page, then set the kids loose with crayons or colored pencils. Dad will love seeing how they decorated the card, and he'll get a kick out of the pun. You can make a card out of any of our Father's Day coloring pages by sizing down the design so it's small enough to attach to the front of a card.

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Galaxy Father's Day Card

There's no end to space or the love you have for Dad. Show him just how much you care with this galaxy-inspired card. Print out a foldable card, or print and cut out the design and glue it to the front of a blank card.

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Fill-In-The-Blank Father's Day Card

These fun coloring pages make the perfect homemade Father's Day card or gift. Print the coloring pages actual size, or scale them down using your printer's settings to create a coloring sheet that can be easily attached to the front of a card. Let the kids color and fill in their own answers to the prompts—Dad will love reading their answers!

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Dancing Father's Day Card

This footloose card is perfect for the dad who dances through life! Download and print our free card—all you have to do is pop it in an envelope! This fast and easy Father's Day card is the perfect addition to this year's Father's Day gift.

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Ice Pop Father's Day Card

Gift Dad with this sweet and punny card—he'll eat it right up! This adorable watercolor design is the perfect dad joke card for the dad who loves to tell jokes. And, our free download makes this card a breeze to print—just load your printer with white cardstock and add an envelope!

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Printable Tie Cards

Help the kids make these sweet tie-shape cards for Dad. Print and cut out the ties, then set the kids loose with crayons or colored pencils. You never know what they'll come up with for the fill-in-the-blank answers!

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Whiskey Card Tag

Choose a card with a good pun this Father's Day. This Father's Day printable is great for any dad who enjoys a good whiskey cocktail in the summer. Add the design to the front of a card, or use it as a gift tag attached to a bottle of his favorite whiskey.

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