Baseball-Theme Cross-Stitch Project

Cross-stitch this poetic ode to baseball as a gift for Father's Day (or for any fan of the game!).

What You'll Need

  • 2x6-inch piece of ivory felted wool
  • 2-inch square of gold felted wool
  • Light box (or alternate light source)
  • Black fine-tip waterproof pen (we used Pigma)
  • 8x10-inch piece of tea-dyed linen or Aida cross-stitch cloth for stitchery foundation
  • Needle
  • Embroidery floss: dark khaki green, black, light mocha brown
  • Wool floss: red and gold
  • Photo frame with 5x7-inch opening
  • Scissors
  • Poster board or cardboard
  • Spray adhesive or double-stick tape
  • Framing tacks
  • Heavy paper

Download the free pattern.

How to Make It

1. Download the free pattern. Cut three of pattern C from the ivory felted wool, and one of pattern D from the gold wool.

2. Secure the pattern to a light box or other light source (like a window). Using the waterproof pen, trace the words and diamond onto the 8x10-inch rectangle of linen.

3. Using one strand of dark khaki green embroidery floss, backstitch the diamond.

4. Using two strands of black embroidery floss, stitch the verse.

5. Place the three ivory wool circles on the bottom of the stitched linen rectangle; baste. Using one strand of light mocha brown embroidery floss, tack-stitch the circles in place.

6. Using one strand of red wool floss, create two seams on each baseball using backstitching and straight stitching.

7. Place the gold wool star in the upper right-hand corner of the stitched verse. Using one strand of gold wool floss, tack-stitch the gold wool star to the linen rectangle.

8. Cut a piece of poster board or cardboard to fit the opening of the photo frame.

9. Using mounting spray or double-stick tape, center and adhere the stitched piece to the poster board.

10. Insert the piece into the frame. Secure in the frame with framing tacks.

11. Cover the back of the frame with heavy paper.

1 Comment

  1. What a PERFECT GIFT!! Directions are pretty straight forward! Thank you!!! NOT ONLY FOR DADS THOUGH!!! LOL!

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