21 Fun Family Reunion Games Everyone Will Want to Play

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Make your next family reunion even more fun by incorporating these classic games and activities into your festivities. Both kids and grownups alike will love these popular options, including indoor activities like Apples to Apples and bingo, as well as outdoor competitions like cornhole and relay races. No matter where you're headed or what you have planned with your relatives, these fun family reunion game ideas are sure to bring everyone together.

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Ring Toss

Painted ring toss yard game on lawn
Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed

This timeless game is a classic for a reason! Our DIY ring toss game is easy to make, and since it's so lightweight, it's easy to transport to any family reunion location. Display it in a spot that everyone can access so your family can play in between other activities or during downtime.

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Giant Jenga

A visual of giant tumbling wooden blocks.
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The jumbo size of this timeless party game makes it even more fun and challenging. Play it with your group indoors or outdoors, or bring along the classic tabletop version ($16, Walmart), to set up in a smaller space.

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blue corn hole set with bags

This classic outdoor summer game is easy to make yourself! Use our simple instructions to build a set of boards and paint them any color you like, and use stencils or stickers to add your family name to the design. Once your reunion is over, you can continue to use the classic game in your backyard, at the beach, during tailgates, and more.

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Yard Yahtzee

GoSports Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set
Courtesy of Amazon

There are tons of games you can play with these supersize dice. Use the whiteboard to play "Rollzee" with your group (the first person to get every combination wins!), or kick off your festivities with a game of Yahtzee.

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Potato Sack Race

Potato sack race

If you're playing with a large group, split your clan into teams by age, immediate family, or however you see fit and let the race begin! The best part—everyone likely already knows how to play this simple game, so there's no extensive setup or explanation necessary. Grab a set of burlap sacks ($23 for four, Amazon) and gather everyone at the start line!

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Bocce Ball

A visual of a bocce ball game.
Courtesy of Target

This cute retro bocce ball set will have the whole family bonding. Take turns rolling your colored ball nearest to the small white ball or knock your opponents out of place.

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What Am I?

HedBanz Family Guessing Game
Courtesy of Amazon

While this set only comes with six headbands, you can easily get more folks in on the fun by supplying inexpensive elastic headwraps (like these ouchless ones $2, Goody) to the rest of your group. We don't know what's more entertaining, actually playing or seeing everyone walk around with these goofy headpieces.

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Paper Airplane Race

kids playing paper plan toss outdoors
Robert Holland

This cheap family reunion activity can be played indoors or out, and all you need is a pack of construction paper! Have each member of the family make their own paper airplanes and toss them from the starting line to see which one can travel the farthest. For added competition, use different colors of paper for each set of families at the reunion.

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KanJam Ultimate Disc Game
Courtesy of Amazon

Everyone from kids to adults will have a blast playing this frisbee game. While it can be a bit challenging, it's just the thing to keep your party occupied for hours. You can also get a glow-in-the-dark version ($60, Walmart) to keep the fun going through the night.

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Yard Checkers


This classic board game is bigger and better than ever! From grandparents to distant cousins, everyone can enjoy timeless pastime. Spread out the checkerboard-patterned rug and divide teams into red and black to get started.

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Egg Spoon Race

Egg and Spoon Relay Race Game Set
Courtesy of Amazon

Host this classic competition with less mess using this wooden set, or opt for a greater challenge using real eggs. This game makes for a memorable Easter or picnic activity, too.

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bingo game
Courtesy of Amazon

Groups of all sizes can play this beloved game thanks to the large stack of 50 boards included. And since it comes with a pre-assembled metal ball cage, you can dive right in—no tricky setup required!

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Water Balloon Toss

kids playing water balloon toss game with hula hoops
Sabrina Helas

It's common for family reunions to be held in the summer, and this fun outdoor game is an easy way to beat the heat. And, it's inexpensive! Grab a set of hula hoops from the dollar store and lay them around in the grass, numbering each one with a point value. Then, give each family member five water balloons and see how many points they can score!

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Apples to Apples

apples to apples game
Courtesy of Amazon

If dreary weather keeps everyone inside, whip out this fun card game that will have everyone laughing in no time. Thanks to its fuss-free setup and cleanup, it's the perfect thing to leave out for kids and teens while the grownups enjoy some time to themselves.

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AmazonBasics Volleyball Badminton Combo Set
Courtesy of Amazon

Get everyone outside and moving with an exciting game of volleyball. This affordable set comes with everything you need to play wherever you're traveling, along with Badminton racquets for even more outdoor fun.

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Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set
Courtesy of Amazon

Although you could play with a sleek metal pair of horseshoes, which grownups may prefer, this lighter weight, rubber version is a bit more kid-friendly, ensuring family members of all ages can participate. And thanks to the removable rubber mats, this set can be used both indoors or outdoors.

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Soup Can Bowling

can game, game with cans, girl, 4th of July

This easy family reunion game only requires two things: Empty cans and a ball. We covered our cans with colored tape, and then stacked them to resemble bowling pins. This game is lightweight so it travels easily.

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Ladder Toss

GoSports Ladder Toss Outdoor Game Set
Courtesy of Amazon

Everyone from little ones to grandparents can try their hand at this simple toss game, which you can play with standard or giant-size ladders. Thanks to their lightweight design, they're easy to set up and carry to parks, beaches, camping trips, and more.

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Flag Football

10-Man Flag Football Deluxe Set
Courtesy of Amazon

These high-quality, adjustable belts are designed to stay intact no matter how rough your game gets and comfortably fit both kids and adults. And if your group gets tired of playing, switch it up and use this set for a game of capture the flag.

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Giant Connect 4


Have a larger than life time at your next family reunion with this oversized take on the classic Connect 4 game. Have teams of multiple people so everyone can be included on this family fun day.

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A visual of the outdoor game Spikeball.
Courtesy of Amazon

Two teams of two people go head to head in this volleyball-inspired yard game. Each team can only touch the ball three time before its the other team's turn, so the game moves quickly.

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