Throw the Ultimate Easter Brunch

Celebrate Easter the best way—with brunch! We're sharing a stunning setup and so-easy recipes. Featuring glittery eggs and a washi tape flower wall, this easy party proves you can throw a gorgeous Easter brunch on a budget. Get simple DIY projects and pretty recipes—everything you need to celebrate Easter is right here.

The Food Table

Give your party personality with a food buffet dressed up with unique DIY touches. Choose easy-to-assemble foods like purchased donut holes, fresh fruit, and avocado toast topped with soft-boiled eggs. Finish on a sweet note with thaw-and-slice pies (our shortcut dessert go-to)! Give your guests homemade flair with a fresh sprinkle of chopped nuts, toasted coconut, or even Easter candies. 

Deck out the table with metallic touches like copper-painted eggs, metallic vases (made from recycled tin cans!), and pretty paper egg cups.

Yummy Avocado Toast Recipes

Our Best Brunch Recipes

Pretty Pie

A pretty paper banner is the perfect pie topper. Patterned straws, gold thread, and pastel paper are all you need to create this party-ready accent. Get complete DIY instructions below. A bowlful of juicy fresh fruit and eggs decorated with washi tape finish the sweet side of the table.

Gorgeous Easter Eggs

Dip-dying is classic technique, but these decorated eggs pop with glitter and washi tape. And they're as easy as can be! Get the look by mixing glittery metallic eggs with petite floral patterns and then display in egg cups. Find completed DIY instructions below.

Pretty Easter Egg Ideas

Washi Tape Wall

Make a white wall pop with washi tape and fresh flowers. To create the wall, simply scatter pieces of washi tape in a confetti pattern. Add a cut flower to some sections. For the best results, ensure there's at least an inch of washi tape on each side of the flower stem.

Set the Table

Pull the party together with a coordinating tabletop. Get the look by mixing pastel pink plates with pops of metallic and white. Display decorated eggs on a tray, or pile them into a ceramic berry basket filled with gold tinsel "grass." A DIY table runner pulls the look together. We love the look of linen against the crisp white tablecloth. 

Don't make your guests get up for dessert! Bring Marie Callender's Coconut and Banana Cream Pies to the table. Keep them perfectly chilled by setting them out a couple hours before you sit down to brunch.

Perfect Place Setting

You won't want to leave this table! Wrap up white napkins and top with a DIY washi tape napkin ring. Finish the look with a handmade place card and gold flatware. Can't find pink plates? Try painting thrifted white plates with food-safe paint.

Party-Ready Place Settings

DIY Instructions

Napkin Rings and Egg Holders

Cut down the middle of a toilet paper cardboard tube with a scissors. Place washi tape around the tube with an overhang of 1/2 inch. Trim the tube to the width of the tape and secure the overhang. Repeat with other tape colors and widths. If washi tape is too transparent, tape it on paper first, then use double-stick tape or Mod Podge to adhere to the cardboard tube. These can be used as napkin and egg holders. Add a square of glitter washi tape over the seam for added sparkle.

Washi Tape Eggs

Taped Eggs Cut thin strips of washi tape and place vertically around a blown-out egg or craft egg. Cut a circle out of washi tape for the top and bottom. For an allover pattern, use floral washi tape and cut out 3- to 4-inch stripes and place on wax paper. Trim the ends into long triangle shapes and fringe both sides before placing vertically around the egg.

Polka-Dot Eggs Using a hole punch, punch holes out of metallic washi tape. Adhere around the egg.

Glitter Eggs

Paint Mod Podge over half of a blown-out egg. Sprinkle fine glitter over the top, letting the excess fall into a bowl. Use a spoon to sprinkle the excess glitter over the top. Place the egg in an empty egg carton to dry. Repeat on the bottom half until desired coverage is achieved. Insert a bamboo skewer into the egg hole on the bottom and spray with a clear coat to protect it. Set aside in a tall jar and let dry. For a half-glittered egg, tape off half with washi or painters tape.

Confetti Dot Table Runner

With a handmade or store-bought table runner, add painted confetti dots with crafts tape, fabric medium, and a pencil eraser. Place the runner flat on a piece of cardboard or kraft paper. Mix 2:1 paint to fabric medium in a small jar or bowl. Dip the eraser end of a pencil into the paint and dab it on a newspaper or plate before stamping the runner. Repeat with 3-4 different colors of paint and allow to dry.

Place Cards

Cut a 3-1/2 by 4 inch rectangle out of cardstock. Score the center with a bone folder. Place metallic washi tape on the bottom or sides and trim the excess tape. For metallic corners, use gold metallic wall decals and trim the excess with scissors.

Get the tent card pattern.

Pie Bunting

Cut small scallop shapes out of pastel cardstock and washi tape from the downloadable pattern. With a needle and two strands of metallic embroidery thread, poke the needle through the top right side and back up through the top left side. Repeat with alternating colors and tape. Cut two slits in the top center of paper straws and insert the thread through them.

Get the bunting pattern.

Painted Metal Vases

Wash metal tins in various sizes and let dry. Spray with a white primer and allow to dry. Spray with copper and/or gold spray paint and allow to dry. To create a border, place washi tape on a piece of paper and trim the paper the width of the tape. Use double-stick tape around the brim of the can, and place the washi-taped paper over the tape. Trim excess.

To support flowers in a wide can and help with the arrangement, create a grid on top with clear tape.


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